Wanting To Pull My Hair Out…

With Melonnie in the states – I have been responsible for the daily activities of our 80 member Eye Team! It’s been a busy few days! The eye team has worked so hard non-stop……which means the rest of us have too!!

Yesterday felt like one of those days that was never going to end. I truly wanted to pull my hair out! It was 11pm before I made it back to my bedroom.  It started at 6:00am when there was no water in the surgery center. Rosie has had horrible tooth pain since Saturday.  They decided they would put her to sleep yesterday – under general anesthesia  – and pull it. Not only did God provide us with a dentist on this team but also a pediatric anesthetist! Rosie was nervous all day but it went really well.

My brother flew home to have back surgery. He was going to fly to Nebraska to have it done there. However the trip home was too hard on him. He ended up in the ER in Kentucky. He’s on pain medication right now. I’m not sure yet when his surgery will be. Please pray for him.

Mikela’s biological mom decided to stop by yesterday. Every time she gets hungry she decides to use Mikela as leverage. She has no relationship with her daughter. But from time to time she drops by – wanting money. She always threatens if we don’t help her then she’s going to take us to court and say we stole her daughter. I spent probably an hour and a half talking with her and Magdala – trying to make her understand that I don’t play games.

We laid the twins down for their nap. When I came back upstairs from the drama with Mikela’s mom – I heard Asher crying. Apparently he fell out of his crib. We had lowered the bed – I don’t understand how he fell out. I have checked him all over – and I don’t see any bruises. But I don’t think he has acted right today. I’m sure it’s all in my head …

We are still fighting to purchase the land in the Mole. We thought this would be done yesterday but it’s been one thing after another. Wisley is heading there tomorrow with hopes of finalizing the purchase  and renting the house we will need for our first year there. Please pray that we can finish this up tomorrow.

All this to say…..I am completely exhausted.

4 responses to “Wanting To Pull My Hair Out…”

  1. Hi, Jody,

    Sorry to hear about your rough time. I am praying for you as usual. I pray you will get the land soon and everything will work out in the Mole. I’m also praying for Janeil and his back. My son is only 32 and had to have back surgery about a year ago. He is doing fine now, though. I know God will take care of Janeil also. I am praying for your children also. Please don’t pull all of your hair out. I think you will look much better with your hair intact. LOL

  2. Jody- Everything will get done in God’s time. That’s probably one of the hardest things for anyone to remember but it really is true. Take Rosie’s tooth as an example. If He takes you to it, He’ll take you through it! You guys are always in my prayers! Stay strong!

  3. Praying for you sister as the enemy tries everything to discourage you. Wish I was there in person to love on you but His arms are certainly stronger and more capable. ” I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that He is able to keep what I have committed to Him until that day.”
    Praying for you and your babies – that Asher will be ok and if he isn’t it will be clear and that Mikayla’s biological mom’s heart and belly will be satisfied so she will not use M to bargain. Love to you and all the eye team. BTW was Dr Sack able to bring any of the treats for the kids?
    Maybe I am supposed to come help you at the Mole when you get there….

  4. Thanks for the encouragement and for making me laugh!

    Wisley is in the Mole – hoping it will happen but God is really trying to teach me patience. It’s not a fruit I bear very well!

    Beth – you never know!! I told the eye team yesterday that the mole needs an eye clinic…..unless they wanted to leave that side of the island blind! 🙂

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