It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 days since I’ve posted anything. We’ve had so much going on. I’m no longer staying with dad at night as he’s getting stronger and able to get out of bed by himself now. I still go and check on him every day. I took him for his first outing in nearly 3 weeks on Thursday! He’s been out of the house every day since! 🙂

Last summer for the first time in our marriage we rented a house for our large family! With our inconsistent support this year – we don’t believe it’s wise to continue to do so. My parents have graciously invited us back to their house! So our family of 9 has started packing up the house and preparing for the move back. We are only out 3 times a year but you should probably start praying for them right now! 🙂

My parents told us we could take their back shed and make it a playroom for the kids. It’s a 12×20 space! So every day this past week Jose and I have been working tirelessly cleaning it all out and laying down carpet. Then we packed up all the kids toys and brought it to the playroom. My mom sewed some curtains. It’s SO CUTE! It really turned out beautiful and the kids love it!

We’ve already packed up most of our stuff and moved it to a storage unit. We head back to Haiti the day after Easter. We will come out again in July. With Asher’s heat sensitive seizures we can’t be in Haiti during the hottest time of the year.

So that about wraps up the last 10 days. Here are a few pictures of my crazy bunch of kids!

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