Flag Day Part 1..

We have thoroughly enjoyed our time here in St. Louis. We arrived Sunday and will be heading home tomorrow! Seeing friends and family – fellowshipping till the wee hours of the night – getting to hug some of our favorite kids – LOVED IT!

Today was incredible! The parade lasted about 2 hours! My family rode in a black truck at the front of the parade. It was funny watching the babies and kids wave to everyone like they were little celebrities!

We started at the mission – went down by the town square – then to the cemetery – then to the river – and back to the soccer field! We were carrying water in the truck to pass out to everyone marching behind us! Everyone was so dedicated. Some were wearing long sleeve jackets – marching right in the sun!

Wow – it was the most organized flag day we’ve ever had here! Other churches and schools joined in and then everyone performed on the soccer field!

Here are some pictures from today’s celebration. I’m making a video for the next post!

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