Daughters of the King…

Over the last few weeks I’ve been consumed with anxiety and frustration over the girls’ visas. The whole process really rocked my world and left me doubting myself (as their mom)  and honestly even God. Mikela always has her ears open and she asked me if we were going to leave her here by herself? Is it because I don’t love her as much as I love Malaya? She’s been questioning what she is to me every day and it BREAKS my heart. I found myself telling God daily – – “These are my kids. Jose and I are the only parents they’ve had since they were babies. Why are You messing with my kids?”

After much reflection – I believe with all my heart that the Lord is giving me an incredible lesson and message to preach to all Moms. The truth is –  none of our kids are really ours. When Gabriel was so tiny in the NICU – it was His Father God that truly brought healing to him. It was Asher’s Father in Heaven that connected the dots to allow me to find special doctors to treat him. And it was my Father in Heaven who laid these children in my arms even though they did not come from my belly.

Every good and perfect benefit that has come from being the mother of these children is because the Lord loves me. Through this whole process – the Lord has allowed me to talk to Mikela and Rosie with excitement –  telling them that they are His true Princesses! Just like Moses became a Prince when he was placed in Pharoh’s daughter’s hands – my daughters are the Princesses of a great and even mightier King!

God has asked me to care for them and I am going to obey Him. But ultimately they are the daughters of a King who sees everything that is out there. If the King  – who knows everything – wants them in Haiti then it must mean that He has a great adventure in store!

As their true Mom – I have to step back much like Hannah and watch God work in them. I cannot change Haiti’s laws but I can change the way I think about the situation and my plans.

Royalty has little to do with geography– it is something you are born into. When I was born again – I became the King’s bride. And when EACH of my children were laid in my arms – they were His children.

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  1. Maybe the message is that you are also the parents to all those defenseless and parentless Haitians kids that are in the orphanage as well.

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