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Gabe’s, Asher’s, & Levi’s Dynamite Dinosaur Party!!

The twins turned 2 years old on June 25th and Gabriel turned 4 years old on July 21st! We’ve been going non-stop and haven’t had a chance to celebrate until now!

Today we drove to Cincinnati, OH to my sister’s house! Lori had an amazing Dinosaur Themed Party planned! She’s SO creative!

Here is a list of our activities:

1) We had a Dinosaur Moon Bounce!

2) Then we had to find the hidden fossils under the green rocks!

3) Then we played pin the head on the dinosaur!

4) Then we had to search outside for  dinosaur eggs!

5) Then we had a volcano and dinosaur cake!

6) We had dinosaur balloons, cookies, fruit snacks, & party hats!

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  1. Hey guys, it looks like it was an awesome party. Tell Lori she should go into the party business. Anyway the kids all look great and just as happy as they can be. Jut seen a glimpse of you, but seen Jose. Enjoy your time time at home, and know that we think and pray everyday for all.

    Love sis

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