SO Thankful…. Day 1

I was reading a friend’s Facebook post and they encouraged everyone to share something they’re thankful for each day of November! I LOVE that idea! I have so many things to be thankful for! Should be pretty easy to come up with 30 things right? Please join me! Maybe you don’t have a blog- but you could journal or at least wake-up each day and Thank God for His blessings on you!

Today I am thankful for unanswered prayers! Huh? Yes, seriously.

I know that many of us get frustrated when God doesn’t give us what we want or what we think we deserve.  We sing – He gives and takes away…..He gives and takes away…. but man – some days it feels like He takes away a lot more than He gives!

Throughout our marriage and ministry so many things seemed unfair to Jose and I. Why did we struggle with support when other missionaries had no problem at all? How come we can’t start our family right away like all the other couples out there? Why does it feel like He’s answering everyone else’s prayers but not mine? UGH! (Know what I mean?)

Looking back – WOW! I had no idea of all the “behind the scenes” work my Father in Heaven was doing! He Gave and Gave and Gave – just not in the way I thought. It’s hard for us to understand when our deepest desires aren’t fulfilled in the way we thought they should be. What we neglect to see is that He shut the little door we’ve been fighting to pry open BECAUSE He’s got something up His sleeve that is far beyond anything we could have ever hoped for.

I am thankful that God didn’t answer my prayers when Jose and I wanted SO desperately to have children of our own. I really believe that if our prayers had been answered  – perhaps we wouldn’t have opened our home to so many needy children trying to feel that void!

As we longed to be parents – our hearts and home were open to the dozens of beautiful little ones that God placed in our lives for one reason or another. And now I have Gigi, Mikela, & Rosie! I GET to be their parents! God used me to save them from their sickness! He used me to save them from their hunger and poverty!

THEN He gave me 4 more beauties! When the doctors said “no” – HE SAID YES!!!  AGAIN AND AGAIN –  AND AGAIN TIMES TWO!!



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