SO Thankful…Day 7

Jose and I knew we were going to raise our children in Haiti. There was no doubt in our mind. When the children were younger we didn’t think too much about how we were going to pull that off. We just knew that this is what God had called us to do.

When the girls were 3 & 4 years old we sent them to Mme Francois’s preschool downtown in St. Louis. The girls loved to go to school and make new friends. The problem we saw right off was that Haitian schools and American schools were not even close to being the same. The credits wouldn’t transfer.

When Mikela was ready for kindergarten I was pregnant with the twins. The pregnancy required 92 days in the hospital. So the girls went to school in the states. Mme Francois’s was the only school they had been to. Midway had opened up a brand new elementary school just a few miles from my parents’ house. Rosie went to their preschool program and Mikela went to their Kindergarden. Malaya was too little so we sent her to Woodford Christian’s 3-year old preschool.

I remember the first day Mikela came home from school. She told me the school in Haiti was tiny!  She told me how they had computers and gym! They had music class. She got to eat lunch at her school! She got to be in a theatrical play. She went on field trips! Every day she would come home and talk about what she learned.

We knew that there was no way we could compete with all that the American schools had to offer. Jose and I began to feel very guilty that our children would be going to a one-room school when we returned. At that time we hadn’t even found a teacher for them. Our hearts truly were heavy.

We had no idea the gift God was about to unleash on us! When Miss Beth came into our lives it was an immediate fit! The children were excited about returning to Haiti. Miss Beth began to teach them and mold them every day. The children couldn’t wait for school. They loved all the attention they got. They weren’t in a class with 30 other kids. They got one-on-one interaction. They soon forgot about their year of school in the states and were in love with their new teacher!

Miss Beth is no doubt one of the best gifts God has ever given us! I would love to take credit for the amount of scripture & spiritual growth that happens to my children each year. But the simple truth is – they are fruits of Miss Beth’s work! I listen to how they pray – to how they talk – to how they think about God –  and I am continually blown away!

My kids aren’t only mastering the scripture but they’re testing higher in many areas than where they should be! My fears about not keeping up with a regular American school have long faded away! There is no doubt that THIS one-room school is far better for our family than any other school out there!

SO today I am thankful for Miss Beth!

For the example she sets not only for my children – but for my entire family!

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  1. Ms. Beth is quite an inspiration indeed. I enjoyed meeting her and talking with her during my visit. I have been called to home school my children, but I was so impressed by her willingness to surrender to her call to teach your children. Her impact among the Hatians is evident as well. She is definitely someone to be thankful for.

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