SO Thankful…Day 27

When God called us to the Mole we knew we needed “back-up”! We needed a crew of people that would not only see this move as an adventure but as a huge ministry opportunity. I needed to find Haitians that would be willing to be missionaries along with us. That would be willing to make sacrifices by living together (so we could afford their rent). That would be willing to leave everything they’ve known to come alongside us.

The Staff we have is incredible! Their hearts and their love to serve is beyond measure. The staff sacrifices so much for the ministry and here is the CRAZY THING – our staff are treated as outcasts in the Mole. The people charge them more money at the market than their locals. No one will lend them money if they’re a little low. No one will give them “credit” to pay back something a little later. This is something they ALWAYS could do in St. Louis du Nord. When we give things away – the people say that our staff decided who got things and so blame them if you didn’t receive whatever it is we had to give away. They are constantly blamed for everything.

Yet their spirits are not defeated. Mr. Nene told me that Christians have been persecuted since the beginning of time and so why would they expect to be treated any differently!! They continue to rise above it – and little by little they are seeing the fruits of the efforts! They walk the streets and walk to villages just to bring the Good News to their fellow Haitians. They participate in all the church services that are offered all week long. Jocelyn and Pierre lead the youth. They are like Youth Pastors. Momma Gigi and Mme Nene are always singing in choir and leading the Women’s Bible Study Group. Tizzie is showing the Mole how to love on special needs children and will be running our orphanage this spring! Mr. Nene preaches in several churches each month. Our Pastor disciples every single day! Bena – will sacrifice his own comfort and time in order to help us with teams. He’s become a vital part of our team ministry!

We couldn’t pull of the ministry we do in the Mole without this dedicated staff. We learn from each other and draw strength from each other. We are a family! That doesn’t mean we’re drama-free and life is rainbows and sunshine! But what it does mean is that we stick together through the good and the bad! We don’t run away when the ministry feels too much! Instead we rally together – realize who we’re really battling –  and we head to war!

So today I’m thankful for the Mole Staff!

For fighting alongside us everyday so that others may know Him better!

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