Update On Papa Bear…

I’m happy to report my papa is doing well! Praise the Lord! I think UK winning the NCAA gave him just the push he needed to get well! 🙂

I must say that I certainly wasn’t ready for anything but a full recovery! I prayed at the hospital that daddy would be able to sit on his front porch again! Today he was able to do that! It was a scary week here – but it was also a week that brought the family all together. We are all in the ministry and it’s just not easy for us to break away at the same time. We were talking that it was last year at this exact same time that we came together for dad’s bypass surgery. We told dad he needs to find another way to bring the family together!

He’s home now and able to walk short distances. He’s still pretty weak though. I told him it will just take time. It’s so hard to wait for our physical bodies to catch-up  – when mentally we are ready to go back to work. I know Haiti is always in his heart and on his mind.

The surgeon said during his heart cath (while daddy was drugged) all he kept saying was  – “I have to go back to Haiti in May”. They ended up giving him more meds to make him stop talking! I’m sure at times you wish you could give our entire family meds so we would stop talking about Haiti for just a few minutes! All I can say is – it’s in our blood  – and medication won’t tame it!

God has given me several special days here with dad. I know my presence has provided him comfort, encouragement, and security. I always say that God made me a nurse just for my family! Knowing that daddy is getting stronger each day – Jose, Asher, and I are headed back home to Haiti this Tuesday!  I am so thankful that I was able to fly out  and be with the family during this stressful time.

My dad is 1 of 6 kids. He and his sister Joyce are the only 2 left. Joyce is headed this way tomorrow to spend a few weeks here with daddy. I know this will be a great time of family bonding. Janeil and his family will be here all of next week too. I have peace leaving – knowing he will be surrounded by family!

For those of you who know my papa – I know he could really use some encouragement. I worry about him being depressed as he waits for the doctor to release him back to Haiti. Hopefully he’ll be allowed to go back in June/July. I would really appreciate an outpouring of love towards my papa while I’m gone. My dad is old school and loves cards. He tapes them on his wall. I would love to fill his wall with cards so that he knows how much we love and appreciate him. He is a good and faithful servant.

If you would like to send my papa a note of encouragement please send it to:

Larry Owen
PO Box 516
Versailles, KY 40383


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  1. Your dad and mom are very special to Linda and me. I will always cherish how they traveled to Michigan to attend my son Tommy’s funeral when he was killed in Iraq in 2005. They sent us a music box that played the army anthem. They also honored us in at the National Missionary Convention the following year at their seminar. Larry is in our prayers along with Diane and the whole Owen family. God bless them and a recovery that allow the work in Haiti to continue. God isn’t done yet.

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