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Every week our Mole staff meets together for a time of prayer, songs, and devotions. Each month I surprise them with a “Game Day” where they can earn small prizes if they participate –  and even more if they win! They never know which week it will be which adds to the fun!

At 6am this morning our staff met for a special prayer time before they passed out hundreds of solar lights to surprised Haitian families! I have a lot of great stories and pictures to share! I’ll be posting about that later this weekend! 🙂

Since I knew they worked so hard this morning – I decided to surprise them today with a game day! We literally laughed until we cried! I always try to think of new games each time we play – just to make it more interesting!

We often don’t realize that most Haitian adults never got to really be kids. They never went to carnivals or birthday parties. They never got the chance to play children’s games! There was never really a time – neither as kids or adults  – where they were able to just be silly! Luckily I specialize in silliness!

So I decided several months ago that we not only should serve together – but laugh together! We need to pray together and play together! These game days bring us all closer together as a family! It allows us for just a moment to be a bunch of silly kids! (You can learn a lot about people during friendly competitions).

Today’s games consisted of:

1) Gorilla/Man/Gun – (a form of rock/paper/scissors) Where they stand back to back and have to turn around acting out something from the list! Mme Certisse won – our dish washer!

2) Sheet/Name Game – We divided the staff into 2 groups. You place a sheet between the teams so they can’t see who’s on the other side. You drop the sheet on the count of 3 and whoever is in the front of the line on both sides has to yell out who they see. Celavie won – our trash/grounds keeper!

3) Balloon Pop – They each had to blow up a balloon, tie it, then sit on it and pop it. Tizzie won – our orphanage manager!

4) Ankle Balloon Pop – They each had to tie a balloon to their ankle. They had to try to pop each other’s balloon. They can protect their own balloon by hopping on one foot so that the ankle with the balloon on it is too high to pop by stomping on it. This was HILARIOUS! Bena won for the boys – our fix-it guy! Marlene won for the girls – our cook!

5) Four Square – I must say that no one really understood this game – which made it even funnier!! Jocelyn & Marlene won!

6) Sack Race – We laughed and laughed over this game! I knew they might be a little embarrassed to play on the street! We ended up with quite a little crowd watching on house porches and on the street corner.  So EVERYONE who played got a special prize for participating! No one was hurt  – but Mme Nene, Momma Gigi, & Miss Beth took a little tumble! Momma Gigi told me tonight that the staff was STILL laughing about today’s race! Tizzie told me this afternoon – for just a moment – she forgot about all the burdens she carries. 

I posted a video below of our staff sack race! I hope it gives you just a glimpse of how much-needed silliness –  can be so freeing – even in a 3rd World Country! 🙂

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