The Great Raise…

Even though Jose & I live in Mole St Nicholas – we have not forgotten our roots! We were married on the St. Louis du Nord Campus in May 2001. We knew we wanted to share this special day with all of our Haitian family. It was quite the event and for many years we held the 11PM time slot on the Port-au-Prince television! Not quite the audience as Prince William & Kate! 🙂

Over the years we have taken in MANY children – over 17 who lived with us from a few weeks to a few years…. and some forever! We were once teased that we had a child from every mission program living under our roof.

Gigi was just 2 years old and 7lbs when she was brought to the mission. She lived in our special needs orphanage, which was called Heaven’s Waiting Room. Jose & I immediately fell in love with her. We took her to Columbus Children’s Hospital where they diagnosed her with Ruebella and gave life-saving medication so her body could absorb food. MANY people –both American & Haitian – told us that she would never make it. Today she turns 12 years old. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIGI!!!

Medjina was just 3 years old when she was in the nutritional center. I ran a pediatric clinic for the mission and saw the nutritional children every week. I discovered that her mother’s boyfriend was abusing Medjina. She lived with us for 2 years and then moved to the orphanage with Heather & Janeil.

Haylee, Hannah, & Lovely were triplets. Our baby orphanage wasn’t open yet. Our house was full as well. Together the babies didn’t weigh more than 6lbs. We gave them formula and sent them out the gate. The next week we buried Lovely. I personally took Haylee & Hannah into our home where they lived with us for 2 years before transferring to the baby orphanage. Now they live in our Mole Orphanage!

Rosie came to us through the mission’s birthing center. Her mom delivered her on the road where her umbilical cord got infected and she contracted tetanus. She spent 3 months in an incubator in my bedroom.  Shortly after she was healed –  she contracted Cerebral Malaria & Typhoid. She had 8 seizures a day for weeks and was lifeless for most of her first year of life. The medical program saved her life numerous times.

Mikela was left on a path and one of the mission workers brought her to me at 4lbs and 10 months old.  She is just one of many that our NWHCM Haitian workers have rescued.

Isebelle’s mom died of TB. At 6lbs & 6 months old she needed special attention.  While visiting the St. Louis Campus this summer  – we felt the call to care for her & provide that extra attention she needed. No doubt she would have died already without NWHCM’s baby orphanage.

While our ministry is focused in the Mole now– our hearts are reminded of the life-saving programs the mission has there. In fact – our children are our daily reminders of the fruit of His mission.

Spending most of my life living in St. Louis – I could write a book with all the children & adults the mission has had a hand in rescuing. NWHCM is on the frontlines EVERY DAY to Rescue, Restore, & Redeem.

Please consider participating in The Great Raise so we can continue to spread the Light of Jesus to the northwest zone.


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