Stepped Up To the Challenge…

Stepped Up to the Challenge

Posted on February 12, 2013 by coachin4christ

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Yesterday I woke up with a slight fever, a headache that made my hair hurt and overwhelming fatigue that  I  knew teaching school was out of the question for this “gran moun”. I didn’t want to cancel class and I certainly didn’t want them to just go through the motions. A small voice was telling me to give them the opportunity to step up to the challenge. When I coached I had the athletes do just this all the time. When the bar was raised I knew that there would be those that went beyond my expectations and some that would call me crazy. I was and still am:>) Kids need the opportunnities to be challenged to develope their character. Yesterday morning was a character test, if you will. It gave me a glimpse into the kids hearts.

I sat down and wrote out their work for the morning and gave specific directions to Malaya and Mikela. Mikela was to work with Gabe and help him with his tasks and Malaya was to work with Rosie. They had the assignments that they were suppose to do as well. Since the classroom is next to my room this worked out well if by chance they got bossy with one another or couldn’t listen to one another. (now that would certainly not happen:>)  I gave them their directions and told them to come knock on my door if they had a MAJOR problem. I gave Mikela a devotion to read first thing (which as God would have it…the title…”Listening and Obeying your Teachers!! She led them in prayer as well.

I went back and laid in bed and listened so ever close to what could be happening next door. I really needed a cup to listen well, but I was just to exhausted. Malaya had come to class telling me that she should have listened to me, because she hadn’t drank very much water over the weekend and had way to many cokes. I had warned her what would happen and well…it did. She came to me telling me her pee was really, really yellow. I know that is way to much info and why is she telling me this…well just as I lectured my athletes about drinking enough water…I have to do the same with these kiddo’s….( and Jody too:>) Your body is made up of water..not juice or coke…you replace water with water…just sayin!!! Well Malaya ended up throwing up and she tried so hard to stay in class, but after the last round of the bathroom…she was sent upstairs. I was proud of her for hanging on as long as she did for Rosie. She didn’t want to let Rosie down.

Mikela was in complete charge now. Wasn’t sure how that would go, but I got up to check on them about an hour later and she was sitting with Rosie reading to her and Gabe was building a home for his dinosaurs. I checked the work they had done and they had done a really good job. Mikela even remembered how I helped Rosie count by 2′s for her Math sheet…she had to count backwards which she struggles with. Mikela wrote the numbers on the board for her so she could see them well and count. I asked her if she had gotten to her work and she had everything finished except her reading. I returned back to my room and about a half hour later I checked on her…she had all finished and even swept the classroom without my asking. I was so proud in the way she stepped up.

The 4222:>) on Malaya is she was much better today and she was up at 5am doing the work she couldn’t finish yesterday. So proud of how she tried to hang in there for Rosie and then was responsible in getting things done for today.

No fights..No squabbles…No I know it all attitudes…just each of them helping one another. They stepped up to the challenge and did an amazing job. I told them today I was so very proud of them that we did what was neccessary for class today and then we all went out to the orphanage to play with the kids. These kids are growing up fast and their hearts are changing more and more each day. It is a beautiful thing to watch and a blessing to be a part of.

One last precious moment…a God moment!!! As we walked back home I saw a precious family that I have stopped by and chatted with. I knew the kids wanted to get back and they were thirsty and I could have just said “Bonjou” and continued on our way, but again that small voice was nudging me to go talk with them. They invited us inside their gate. A precious elderly lady and I believe her daughter and 2 year old grandson welcomed us in. They pulled out chairs for each of the kids and me and we all sat down. The elderly lady said she had been praying and reading her Bible. She told us we were an answer to her prayer today and praised God that we stopped by. She didn’t ask me for anything, but did ask me when the eye team would be in St. Louis. I believe she was one of the candidates that Dr Moise checked. She didn’t want to miss the appt. I told her I would check for her. I think she was lonely and really just wanted to talk. The kids were engaging and talked a little and Mikela translated what she could to help me out. She told us that she prayed for us and the mission and was so very thankful for our presence here in the Mole.

We didn’t stay long, but I thanked her for her wonderful hospitality and conversation. After we returned back to class I told the kids what a blessing we were to this precious lady and how important it is for us to have these kind of moments to share the love of Jesus. You could see their hearts and heads lift a little higher at the thought of God using them today. It was a precious moment and wonderful teachable moment today and yesterday. Love it!!! Love how God works in us and through us no matter what our age. Amen?

So how will you step up to the challenge of the day or week? Who can you share the love of Christ with? What opportunities have you missed by not keeping your eyes opened wide to His promptings? You can make a difference….NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE!!!



FYI: the first 6 pics are from last week when we went to play with the kids, but caught them during nap time so finding there super strength on the new swing set that PV made was so much fun. The last of the pics are from today. Yeah I finally had someone to take a couple pics with me in them:>) Sonley on left and Soni on right they always seem to find their way to my lap for me to have some tickle time and hug time with them. Love these kiddo’s.

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