Personal Stories

April Family Fun..

Since our family flew out April 2nd….

  • We got to hang out with Jose’s family in NY for a few hours
  • The Easter Bunny Came
  • We ate at Chick-fil-a (about 3 times)
  • We visited my sister in Ohio
  • We’ve spent LOTS of time with special friends and family
  • We’ve already driven the grandparents crazy
  • ALL the kids have seen their doctors/specialists
  • We’ve had great family counseling
  • We’ve ALL got new devotional books
  • The kids got to go to Michigan for the first time
  • We’ve made all kinds of new friends
  • We went to an indoor water park
  • Have eaten pizza almost every day
  • We experienced snow IN APRIL
  • And we still have MORE fun and travels ahead…..

Here’s a peek at our last two weeks!

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