We are HOME!

I can hardly believe it….I’m home! I mean I’m really home! I’m sitting in my bed, in my bedroom, in my home, in the village God called me to serve. It doesn’t get much better than that!

This past week the interns, Miss Beth, the group kitchen, & my family moved to the property!

Many of you have heard me talk about the book The Circle Maker. I’ve shared with you the things we (as a staff) were circling and praying for in the Mole.  We made the list in May 2012 – and as I pulled the list out I was overwhelmed by all the things God had already answered! One of them was that by next summer we would ALL be on the property! God is AWESOME!

I love our little corner of the world! We are stone’s throw from the orphanage, we can hear the 4am prayer services from the church, we can sit outside with our beloved staff in the evenings and fellowship, we have a beautiful cafeteria to eat & share our devotions, my clinic is almost finished, & we are right here with our visiting mission teams.

My favorite part is that we actually have a yard! Do you know how much energy 3 boys have? They need a place they can run and play – -a place where there aren’t dozens of concrete steps that they can hurt themselves on – – a place where they can chase dogs and lizards all at the same time – –  and now they have it!

Thanks to your sacrificial giving-  we truly have a place we can call home! This has been a difficult season for our family but our God is faithful and – WOW – we are so incredibly blessed!


We are all living on the property but there are still some unfinished projects as funds have diminished…

My house is finished for everything except we don’t have a kitchen. It’s a little crazy inside as we continue to sort & organize. We are using curtains for doors to save on costs. The kids are so excited to not all be sleeping in one room- they don’t care!

The school still needs to be plastered on the outside, screens/wooden shutters for the windows, and tiled.

Miss Beth’s apartment/intern room still needs to be plastered on the outside, needs plywood on the ceiling & walls,  & still needs to be tiled.

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