Let Mikela, Rosie, and Malaya Come To Me…

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not stop them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Matthew 19:14

I love the way it’s written in Matthew…..but I also LOVE the way Malaya says it.

This was when she was just 3 years old…..

The girls and I have been doing our own devotions every night. I picked up a girl’s Bible study that was for preteens….perhaps a little more mature study than they’re used to.

The very first devotion was about salvation and what was holding them back from accepting Jesus as their Lord and Savior? Wow! Talk about not wasting any time. BANG! First devotion just lays it out straight!

 Sometimes I wish we did that in our adult devotions. Not that I don’t think we need to spend lots of time teaching…..but sometimes we spend so much time teaching about Jesus and not enough time showing them Jesus.  You know what I mean?

I didn’t pre-read the devotion before we started. I simply opened the book and started reading. The next thing I knew I had three bright-eyed girls looking at me wanting to talk about their salvation.

Mikela asked me, “Why don’t you just MAKE us get baptized. Then if we die it doesn’t matter”.

Malaya questioned, “Don’t all the children get to go to Heaven anyways? At what age does God consider you not a child”?

Rosie said, “I’m afraid I’ll drown when they dunk me under the water… but if  Malaya & Mikela do it then I guess I’ll do it too. But make them go first”. 

Well….Hmm. That’s pretty deep for Day 1 at 9pm. So I did what ANY mother would do!! I yelled for MY momma to come downstairs and help me!

Mom and I spent over an hour explaining to the girls that we can’t “make” them be a Christian. I can’t force them to have Jesus in their heart. (Man wouldn’t that be nice! That would certainly make ministry a lot easier). 

Since their Aunt Nora passed away, the girls have had a lot of questions about eternity.  It’s almost a daily conversation.

As I listen to the girls pray at night they are beginning to ask God for –  “Wisdom about when to be baptized, Understanding of what it means to be a Christian, Forgiveness for the things they did that day, & for Peace and Comfort for all of Nora’s family”.

Their prayers are showing their spiritual growth and I can really see Jesus moving in their precious little lives as they begin to think about their salvation.

I guess my only question to all of you is the same one that was asked to my little girls – What is holding you back from accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior? Because honestly – this is the most important question you’ll ever be asked……


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  1. Amen Darlin’!!!

    Sometimes when I talk to people about Jesus I assume they are committed followers of Jesus. Without knowing where people (meaning adults, not as much with children) stand. I am afraid assuming people have accepted fully committed to Jesus somewhat lessens the perception of the decision. Some may think that if they learn enough about Jesus and are good enough they are following Jesus. Boy, that theology neglects the majority of Jesus’ own words and teaching about faith and eternity.

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