Salt and Sugar…

Nana and Papaw came to the Mole yesterday afternoon! We’ve been going non-stop! Since we are not going to the states for Christmas we are trying to create some family memories here before my parents head back to the states……..all while I have the Women’s Conference going on! We’re a little busy around here to say the least!

Here’s the Salty Part:

This morning my mom spoke to the ladies about Holy Soup! Each ingredient in the soup represented a characteristic of Jesus! Then every time she heard someone gossip, or said a bad word, or had evil thoughts, or made fun of someone – she’d put a pinch of salt in it. Before you knew it the soup was so salty you couldn’t eat it. This spoke right into our theme for the conference:  James 3:11 – Can both fresh water and salt water flow from the same spring?  She really did a GREAT job and held everyone’s attention. (Apparently I was so into it myself I forgot to take a picture) 🙁

So this morning we shared with the ladies, in the afternoon the Dames Group was out evangelizing and inviting women to the revival tonight, the kids wanted to make sugar cookies with Nana, then it was off to the beautifully decorated cafeteria to get our Jesus Jam on!

I’ll be sharing more about this conference on the Mole blog!

Now here’s the Sugar Part: 

Every year the kids make sugar cookies with Nana. Even though we don’t have a kitchen or kitchen counters – and we had to use margarine instead of butter  – and we don’t have cookie cutters – – – we do have plastic table covers – – anything  is better than rice and beans – – and the kids could care less if they sit on the floor to roll out their cookies!

Those are the perfect ingredients for an afternoon of fun…..which we tried to capture below!

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