The power we speak goes beyond the ability to plug into a socket… the power we speak goes beyond being able to screw in a light bulb… the power we speak is not just electric—it’s glory! It’s intense! My God is stronger than my bad news!

After two weeks of juggling extension cords and spending hours driving to Jean Rebel to find gasoline for our little back-up generator – TODAY – TODAY – TODAY – we just plugged in our BRAND NEW GENERATOR!!

When you read the Scripture you quickly find that the units of measurement we use in America cannot compare to the units of measure in Heaven. The mustard seed faith of God’s people brought an incredible return on a Holy investment!

I’m without words and full of tears –  to the point I’m about to short-circuit my laptop. Thank you for your incredible giving, love, and support. Through you and your above and beyond gifts, we were able to purchase the generator. The lights are back on. God is stronger than my bad news!

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.—Helen Keller

We wanted to share our excitement in turning on our new generator for the first time….We call it the generator jig!


So here is the journey of our generator being bought and loaded with a fork-lift in Port-au-Prince and arriving a day later in the Mole……with no fork-lift to unload it!

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