Family Game Night…

Tonight was family night in our house!

Jose made pizza and baked a cookie cake! I promised the kids we would play games tonight and of course no one could agree on one – so we played 2.

The twins wanted to play the Spiderman Memory Game. Can I just say that I have NO short-term memory? My family would probably agree with that since I have left my cell phone in the backseats of planes (multiple times) – left it at restaurants – thrown it in the garbage with my food tray – left it in Walmart – left it in the frozen food section in Krogers – left it in the movie theater – left it at security check-points….you know just a few little slip-ups! No one ever stole it though. I think I was just trying to prove that there are still good people out there who are willing to turn in lost phones! 🙂

I realized tonight that it goes much deeper than the phone. I did not turn over a single correct match the entire night. Everyone found at least 5 matches…..except for me.

Then Gabriel & Rosie wanted to play monopoly. Do you know how crazy it is to play Monopoly with 5 kids? Apparently Mikela & Malaya knew it wouldn’t go well because Mikela said she would not play that game with the boys and Malaya said she would only be the banker if they played.

So Asher CRIED when Rosie bought KY Avenue because that’s where Nana & Papaw live and he felt like that should have been saved for him.

Levi got sent to jail FIVE TIMES for rolling doubles, landing on Go to Jail twice, & getting two cards that sent him there. You would have thought that he really went to jail. I mean weeping & stomping – almost inconsolable.

Asher told Levi not to worry he would visit him in jail. But by the time Asher made it around Levi had been let out. He never did get to visit his brother in jail. They did meet on St James Place and Boardwalk.

Levi called dibs on the railroads and everyone was afraid to buy them, as he was already vulnerable & visibly shaken from his stents in jail.

Gabriel ran out of money and couldn’t pay his rent. Because Levi was in jail so much he never did pass Go and he was broke. Asher told Gabe that it just didn’t feel right to give him money. Gabe was offering a real dollar if someone would give him a loan. I told them we aren’t able to slip money under the table – for tax reasons – I felt like the IRS might struggle with that.

It was the most stressful family game I’ve played to date. LOL!


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  1. This just made me laugh sooooooooooo hard!!! I have the same issues and I am only playing with 2 usually. I always lose……we play monopoly junior and I lose…..we play the adult version of monopoly [Elvis version] and I lose….I try VERY hard and still can not win….cards, dominoes. board games, go fish…etc……we usually don’t have any criers, but we occasionally have a few who want to quit! 🙂

  2. Way too funny!! Sounds like you made memories. . .even if you couldn’t make a match. . .or because you couldn’t!!

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