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Today I got to fellowship with one of my best friends Diane (Wedding Lady)! We got to talk about all the weddings that happened in the Mole this past week.  Oh how I wish I were able to be there! Hearing about the ministry that happened last week while her team was there is SO refreshing! That alone brings healing to my soul. I KNOW God MOVED and is STILL MOVING in major ways! Even though I wasn’t there to be apart of all of it – the fingerprints of God are everywhere!

Unfortunately I spent a good portion of the summer in the states dealing with medical issues. 🙁

I have had back problems for many years – since I fell off a ladder in college.  This summer the pain went from my back  – down both of my legs. The pain was so severe I couldn’t walk by the time I made it to the states.

My MRI revealed I had severe damage. So I had emergency surgery scheduled – a Lumbar Discectomy. On the way to the hospital to do blood work (the day before the surgery) I got into a wreck and may have totaled our big 12-passenger van. (We are still waiting to hear from the insurance company). 

Needless to say this is probably the worst I’ve ever felt….my back still has staples & the incision site is sensitive and very painful. I cannot lie on my back. Thanks to the accident my shoulder, my chest, and my stomach are very bruised and sore. So this means I cannot lay on my stomach either. It’s very difficult to find a comfortable position siting, standing, or lying down!

I will need to be out a few more weeks before I can fly home. It’s so hard to be away from the Mole and my family in general. It was especially hard to miss out on the amazing July teams. I have looked forward to their visit for months! I started a Summer Games Event for our staff and unfortunately wasn’t there to finish it out! I also missed Malonea’s wedding as well as the other 5 couples who got married! I missed Mikela’s & Gabriel’s birthdays too. It’s a lot of missing.

I am so grateful for all of your love, prayers,  and notes of encouragement during this difficult time. I know I’m healing…it’s just a little slower than I like!

Diane brought me one of the very best gifts today – mail from the Mole! I got special cards from all of the kids! I love it when they draw and color special pictures! I got tickled because even Momma Gigi drew me a picture!

Beth, Morgan, & Emily sent letters too!  You ladies are so incredible! I know you’ve touched countless lives ministering this summer in Haiti – both Americans and Haitians. I know it’s true because I’m one of the lives who’ve been changed by your unwavering Christ-like example!


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