Home Is Where My Kids Are…

Friday morning I was able to start the journey home to Mole after being in the states for 53 days. It’s the longest I’ve ever been away from my family. My time out was focused on recovery: from the car accident, from painful back surgery, & from ripping scar tissue.

Jose flew out of the Mole a few weeks ago so that he could pack & drive crates/barrels to Miami with my dad. He flew home with me on Friday.

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These past two days of traveling – we felt God’s hand upon us. We had planned on landing in Miami at midnight Friday. We were just going to sleep in the airport since we would have to be back at 5am the next morning. But we managed to get on earlier flights.

In order for your bags to be checked all the way through to Haiti – you can’t have more than a 12-hour layover. We managed to land at 7:15pm and our flight was 7am the next morning! We got the maximum amount of time to have in a hotel without having to mess with our luggage. No sleeping on the hard airport floor. What a blessing!

The next morning we arrived in PAP 45 minutes early. (That never happens). We found out when we landed that there were mechanical issues in loading the bags in Miami. There were only 25 bags that made it on the flight.

We went to baggage claim expecting to be disappointed and yet our bags were apart of the 25 that came out! We managed to land, grab our bags, and clear customs within about 25 minutes! Another blessing!

As we were driving past the bridge – close to our property – I saw Asher sitting and waiting for us. He was jumping up and down! He took off running to let everyone know we were there. All our kids and all our staff greeted us! It was a little overwhelming to see everyone…. it felt like I had been gone for a year.

I got lots of love & hugs from my kids, I got to fellowship with Miss Beth and Momma Gigi, and we had a special family night. We got the kids Muppet stuffed animals & figurines. We then acted out Muppets Most Wanted while we watched the film.

I had some very interesting conversations with my boys these past two days….they make me laugh so much!


Gabe: So they let you out of jail?

Me: What?

Gabe: Yeah I know the police show up when you have a car wreck. So you couldn’t come home because you were in jail.

Me: (Though it felt like jail because I couldn’t really go anywhere)– I was just in Nana’s basement!


Me: So Asher did you listen to Miss Beth and behave while I was gone?

Asher: No….I was trying but it didn’t work. You just have to pray for me.


Levi: I really missed you. It was like going a whole week without cookies. So….. did you bring any cookies?


Asher: I haven’t seen you in a long time. Do you think I look delicious?


Me: There’s candy in my backpack.

Levi: Anyone eating these W’s? (holding a bag of M&M’s upside down)


They wanted to see my back scars…

Gabe: What did they do to you? 

Asher: They cut her and took all her bones out.

Levi: You should really tell the police about that.

Gabe: Does daddy know that they did that?

Levi: Yeah you should tell the police and then tell daddy.


Gabe: So if you had to rescue a baby or your family – who would you rescue?

Jose: My family. If you had to rescue Sophie or daddy – who would you rescue?

Gabe: Hmm. That’s a hard one. I mean I love you both the same.

**Several minutes pass and Jose sees Gabe with tears.

Jose: What’s wrong buddy?

Gabe: Well now you got me thinking about something happening to Sophie and I don’t know if I can sleep because I’m just so sad.

**Please note there were no tears for Jose! LOL! That boy loves his dog!


I have not really “rested” in several weeks. I can’t shut my mind down and I can’t get comfortable. I sleep only because my body eventually gives out. With chronic insomnia I can go about 72 hours without a wink.

But last night – my mind stopped reeling – and I slept on clouds as I drifted into the deepest sleep I’ve had in two months. Home will do that for you.

I’m praying there will not be any more setbacks for a while….. and that I will continue to find strength and peace in HIM as I wake-up every day in the place I know God called me.

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