Tree Trimming Fun…

Wednesday my parents came to the Mole to help us kick off our annual Women of Worth Conference. My mom led the first session and my dad kicked off the revival. Here’s a link to the Mole Ministry Blog with pictures that have my mom teaching & even a quick video of my dad preaching…

I kicked off the daytime session today! I really had a lot of fun with the ladies as I shared how to love the Lord with ALL of your heart, mind, & soul! Tonight we had our mission pastor from Chansolme share at the revival. To get pics & learn more about Day 2 – Please check out this link…..

So in the midst of the daytime sessions & revival – we wanted to have some special family time with Nana and Papaw. They were with us last year when we decorated our tree in the Mole for the first time! So it was so awesome to have them here again this year to celebrate!

I have to say – maybe it was just me – but the kids were crazier tonight than I ever remember them being before. Though it’s only our 2nd year here in the Mole – they help decorate the tree every year.  You’ll see from the video clips that they were losing their minds just a little bit!

We broke several ornaments this year which made me really sad. Many of them were the special ornaments we got when they were born and had special meaning. I have to say I got a little frustrated at them for not taking more care in hanging them…..and then I turned around and broke one of them myself. 🙁

After we decorated the tree we worked on our Christmas Card picture! WOW – SO CRAZY! I have to say that normally it’s Gigi that makes it difficult to get a good picture but she was a gem tonight! It was Levi & Asher that made us take at least 60 pics! You could tell Rosie & Malaya were getting tired. Mikela thinks she’s a fashionista & Isebelle could smile all day long – so they loved all the extra pics!

After all the tree trimming & Christmas Card Pics –  my mom made sugar cookies with the kids. They love to bake with their Nana. Watching them tonight  –  I remembered when the girls were really little and they made sugar cookies with Nana the night before Santa came. The girls were 2, 3, 4, & 8 years old. At our house we wake up the children even if it’s 3am to let them know when Santa came. All the kids sleep together and wait for Santa. The boys weren’t born yet. The living room was set up with baby dolls and furniture and TONS of wrapped gifts. Mikela & Rosie run to their piles and start opening gifts. Gigi finds a light-up toy and is mesmerized for hours! Malaya sees that there’s still two cookies left that Santa didn’t eat. She calmly sits at the table and finishes those two cookies – as if she has all the time in the world and there’s not a pile of presents with her name on them.  Her sisters had tore into all their gifts before she finally gets up from the table to see what she has. I had never seen anything like that before!! Malaya really loved those cookies!

Here’s some pics & some video clips of our fun family night!

Here’s the Video Clip…




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