Happy Birthday Jose!

I met Jose in 1997 – my freshman year of college. I was living with my sister while she was the Children’s Minister at Southeast Christian Church. I helped her on the weekends while attending nursing school at University of Louisville. I only went there for one year and then transferred to UK where I graduated with my BSN, RN and a minor in French.

Jose lived in New York and I lived in Kentucky. Not far at all right? We managed to see each other about every 4-5 weeks. It was funny because though I traveled by myself to France for a summer for a work-internship my freshman year of college – and I traveled to Haiti by myself all the time – – I was not “allowed” to go visit New York!

So what’s a silly teenage girl to do when she’s 18 and her parents won’t “let her” go see her guy? Well she uses our friendly travel agent to book a ticket to New York and tells her parents she’s going to Nashville for a children’s conference.

And wouldn’t you know that Nashville had tornados that weekend. And wouldn’t you know that I didn’t know that tornados were going on because we were at the Statue of Liberty with his family and so I didn’t watch the news or call home to say I was okay.

My parents being brilliantly smart called the travel agent and sure enough I was busted! I remember my sister and her friend picking me up at the airport to tell me I was dead meat. Not to answer the phone until I was ready to brace myself. Good thing I didn’t live at home! I might not be here today if that was the case! 🙂

My mom is sly. Her first phone call to me was – Hey Jody – it’s momma. Give me a shout.

Then hey girl – Just want to know how everything’s going. Call me about how your weekend went. Love you.

Then a few minutes later – Hey it’s momma – love you girl call me when you can.

I think I got 10 calls in 50 minutes and the last one was – Girl you better call me right this minute or I’m driving to Louisville.

So I can’t say that my parents LOVED the idea of me dating a New Yorker but they learned to! 🙂

It’s been 18 years since we met. Jose was definitely a gift from God that to this day I still don’t deserve. Everyone who knows him – knows that He is an amazing father, provider, encourager, leader, brother, son, husband, & servant of the Lord. He has a heart to do just about anything for anyone – just out of pure kindness. He makes more sacrifices for his family than any man I know. Oh how blessed my life is – how blessed our children are – how blessed this mission is – because God created Jose!

Happy Birthday Jose!

This morning the girls (all on their own) woke up at 5am and voxed Momma Gigi to come over to help them make a cake this morning for Jose’s Birthday. They woke up the boys and everyone made cards. (I guess they knew momma can’t cook so better call for other reinforcements LOL).  I think this may be the brightest layered cake I’ve ever seen  – made by the most beautiful and imaginative kids you could ever have! Nothing like Cake for Breakfast! 🙂

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