It’s Christmas Break..

Today the kids started their Christmas Break! I remember when I was in school how much fun it was to be on break….that meant Santa would be coming soon! That sentiment is not lost on our kids. Levi & Asher have asked me every day if they can put the reindeer food out so Santa can find our house.

We are on night 6 of our 10 Nights of Christmas Movies! Last night we showed the movie Elf! Tonight we are showing The Chronicles of Narnia. We continue to grow in our numbers by 20 or so every night! I LOVE that we have so many teenagers coming.

Pierre has spent the past several weeks with his family in Port-au-Prince. He just came on the bus and arrived tonight. He told me that he was sitting on the bus and as they got closer to the Mole everyone began talking about how beautiful our campus was. They were saying how it really brightened our street and how their kids loved walking by there every night.  They said they had never seen anything like that before. They also commented about what a great thing it was we were doing for the community by inviting ANYONE and EVERYONE to come see movies & get popcorn.  He wasn’t apart of the their conversations but just listening to everyone as they talked. It was such an encouragement to me. I know people think I am crazy when it comes to Christmas and decorating – but I KNOW why I do it.

We are still doing crafts together as a family….and it’s nuts! The Christmas Tree Ornaments were so messy. By the time you put the glue on the tree and then tried to add the beads or sequins – they would stick to your fingers. It took forever. Gabriel sat down for about 5 minutes and said he really didn’t need a Christmas Tree Ornament. Levi said his tree was prettier without decorations (I think he meant easier).

We made gingerbread ornaments which were self-adhesive! Woohoo! We are still working on Jesus in the manager. Our swaddling blankets aren’t wanting to stay swaddled.

I wrote yesterday about Gigi’s birthday – and we made a cake & sang to her! Though she couldn’t eat the cake – she really did want to play with those candles! Like a moth to a flame….

Here’s the video of everyone singing to her:

Here’s some pics from the last two days….

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