Children’s Church – The Three Wisemen

It was a beautiful Sunday morning! The sun was shining and the kids were smiling!

We start off every service by going over this week’s memory verse. After that we taught the children a new song with some fun motions. You’ll see them singing in the video!

Today’s story was: The Three Wisemen

It’s been really fun to dissect the Nativity Story each week. The first week we learned about when the Angel visited Mary. Then last week we learned about the Angel that visited Joseph. This week we learned about the wisemen and next week we will finish up with more details about the birth of Jesus.

Malaya held up the pictures while I told the story. Afterwards we asked 15 questions about the lesson. Some of them were very detailed….they really had to listen in order to know the answer. Guess what? Dozens of hands were raised with each and every question!

Today we played a reverse – Hot Potato. Everyone stood in a circle and passed the ball around. The ball was sort of like the North Star. Everyone kept their eyes on the star as it went in the circle. The Wisemen followed the star and brought gifts to Jesus. When the music stopped if the ball was in your hand – than you WON a special gift. The children would leave the circle to get their prize. EACH child received a small present today. Lots of happy little kids!

After we played the game then it was time for coloring, mazes, & word searches. The older kids really love the word searches and learning some of the English words.

Every Sunday children earn points for coming to church, answering questions, memorizing scripture, and bringing a friend. Today the top 22 kids were awarded with a special gift bag! We announced the winners today and they stayed after church was over. Then Malaya, Rosie, & Mikela passed out their rewards!

Here’s some video clips from today:

Here’s some pictures:

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