Happy Valentine’s Day!


This morning I had 6 sweet kids each bring me a cupcake along with a small wrapped gift! They were so precious! Thanks Jose for helping them make this morning so special!

Rosie also made me a big heart shaped cookie. Malaya made a special Valentine’s Day Menu! I placed my order for bacon…..and Malaya brought me breakfast in bed! 😀

Of course I had special gifts for each of them too. I remember when I was little waking up to Valentine gifts from my parents. Though we live in Haiti – I want to do as many special things for the kids that I can. I’m all about creating memories!

This afternoon my kids went around campus and passed out Valentine’s Cards. They gave to either the staff, the staff’s children, the kids in the orphanage, or some of their other friends! They were really cute!

Hope your day was as sweet as ours!

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