Thanks For A Great Month Diane!

Yesterday one of my very best friends headed home after a wonderful month in the Mole! I can’t believe how quickly this month has gone. Seems like she just got here. Diane is like the energizer bunny! I don’t think I know ANYONE who has as much energy and zeal as she does! She brought so much life to this campus and we will dearly miss her.

I just want to highlight a few things that Diane did this past month….

1) She poured her whole self into my family! She was a cheerleader for each and every one of us. She loved my kids like they were her own….that’s not easy to do for a month straight! LOL! She was also the PE teacher for them! This morning the kids said they were so sad she wasn’t here….well except for Levi! He said he was glad he didn’t have to run anymore!! LOL!

2) She introduced BINGO to the Mole! Something that seems so simple – yet we never thought of! It became the highlight of our staff’s week. Family BINGO night was loved by EVERYONE who participated….our kids, the staff, their kids, and the wedding couples. She brought prizes with her that ranged from candy, cold drinks, chocolate, sunglasses, jewelry, perfume, and cash! There was just this peace & joy that passed over everyone during these games. We laughed & smiled the each night!

3) Diane introduced country line dancing to children’s church! She led the church kids in fun games and aerobics!

4) Diane held yoga classes & morning gym classes with the women on our staff. They got up at 6am to exercise and they LOVED it! My kids actually got up and ran with her too! She brought in running shoes for everyone….the women felt so energized by her presence. Again – just this cheerleader full of so much zeal it rubbed off on everyone.

5) She was a listening ear…..something that all of us missionaries need. The mission field is full of ups and downs. There are so many things that happen behind the scenes that you really can’t know unless you live here.  It was so great to be able to spend the evenings together fellowshipping, praying, and strategizing on how to solve the problems that would pop up each and every day.

6) She spent time pouring into our staff – visiting their homes – praying with them – encouraging them – offering a listening ear – building relationships.

7) Joe & Diane spent time ministering to the 6 couples who got married last July. They allowed for the couples to share their joys and their burdens. They listened…..they loved…..they laughed….and they gave those couples the encouragement they needed right there in that moment.

8) Joe & Diane helped 3 new couples get married this past week. Couples who had children together – but not the means to marry. Couples who were wanting to be more involved in church. In Haiti – because of the culture – couples who live together cannot sing in the choir, pray, or speak in front of the church. Most pastors will not even baptize them. Diane the “wedding lady” has been responsible for providing over 282 brides & grooms the chance to be married! Please check out her Raise the Veil Wedding Ministry:

9) We asked Joe & Diane to walk around our campus with a fresh set of eyes – and help us identify things and areas we could be doing better to care for this property that God has entrusted us with! I don’t think I realized how many burning trash piles we had! LOL! Then we met with our staff to discuss all our findings! What a blessing this was for us! Yesterday the staff was busy working already- there was this fresh new sense of beautiful pride that they were doing the Lord’s work!

So many people think – I’m just one person. What difference can I make? Well….Diane is just one person… extraordinary person….but one person just the same. Look at the difference just one can make? Is there something that you are sitting on – feeling helpless to change? It starts with realizing the power you have – that God has given you. He has given you everything you need to reach everyone He wants you to reach. You just have to decide to accept what He has to offer you & be willing to follow the call He’s placed within you.

Here are some pictures of the family over the past month…

Here’s just a short clip of some of their exercise classes!

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