Happy 4th of July – 2015!

Today was a FANTASTIC day! 

We spent most of the afternoon decorating and setting up for tonight’s 4th of July Children’s Church Extravaganza!

Everyone began to arrive around 6pm!

First On the Agenda

We started the party off by playing a few games! Some of those games included freeze tag, our own version of musical chairs, & a game where kids had to take a rag and dunk it in a bucket….then squeeze it out in a bowl. The team with the most water in the bowl after everyone gets a turn wins!

2nd on the Agenda

It was time to eat!! The kids got to roast their hotdogs on the bonfire! They LOVED it! They also got chips, juice, & cupcakes!

3rd On the Agenda

We did 5 stations of rotating games.

On one table was Flickin’ Chicken where they had to throw chickens towards a bullseye.

The 2nd table had corn hole.

The 3rd table was our craft station where Susan had them make fun & crazy patriotic hats!

The 4th game was glow in the dark horse-shoe.

Then the 5th game was putting together airplanes and seeing who could fly them the furthest.

4th On the Agenda

We broke the children into groups. While others were dancing we had a pocket of kids take turns playing with sparklers outside!

5th On the Agenda

We broke out the glow & the dark glasses, headbands, & wands. Then we sent the kids outside for Firework Fun! Unfortunately some of Jose’s fireworks shot sideways. Luckily it hit the sidewalk where Momma Gigi, Pierre, and I were standing…..just before the row of kids. It hit the sidewalk and then exploded. The three of us walked away with some burns & battle scars – but no children were injured. I think I would like a shirt that says: I Survived Jose’s 4th of July Firework Show!

The kids took their goody bags, prizes, hats, & planes…. and happily darted off back to their homes! So grateful for all the help and for a wonderful night to remember!

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