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I know many of you aren’t on Facebook and have asked from time to time if I would share the little stories I post there – – So Here we GO….

The kids spent the first week of September with Lori & Scott!

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September 10 at 12:21pm ·

SO great to be back with the kids after a week away! This morning Levi & Asher had their final visit with the dentist. Levi got his teeth sealed and Asher got his first cavity filled! He LOVED the laughing gas! He winked & smiled and told the dentist he’ll be back soon!


Since the kids only come to the states once a year….they wanted to Christmas shop for each other before we head back to Haiti in a few days.

They made up their lists and our first stop is Walmart. We’ve already laughed a lot at the things they want to get each other!

Mikela said she wants to get everyone a heart necklace with her picture in it!

Asher wants to give everyone a hug for Christmas because that’s something everyone can use.

Levi wants to get everyone Legos.

Gabe wants to get everyone beef jerky.

Rosie doesn’t know what to get anyone so she’s a little tense.

Malaya holds her cards close and won’t tell anyone her thoughts.

AND…..this is what happens when you leave these two on their own to shop for 5 minutes…..
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Jody Owen Castillo with Jose Alexander Castillo

3 years ago today, we were making this same trip to Atlanta to fly home to Haiti. SO much has changed and yet some things always remain the same – With Jose Alexander Castillo

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Jody Owen Castillo

September 14 at 1:02pm ·

First Day of School in the Mole! Our kids are looking sharp! ‪#‎schoolinhaiti‬‪#‎haiti‬ @nwhcm
Jody Owen Castillo with Jose Alexander Castillo

September 15 at 2:33pm ·

Just landed in PAP! We started the morning at 4:30am. It’s been a great day of traveling!

All 24 bags made it – none were overweight- customs didn’t check anything – the kids behaved well – and we are on our way to the hotel! Can’t wait to go to Mole tomorrow. ‪#‎haiti‬ @nwhcm

Comment: Jody Owen Castillo The kids were funny….you know we draw a crowd everywhere we go. I love hearing how the kids explain their lives.
I kept hearing them explain to random people – How they love our visits to the states but we don’t live there because God told us to live in Haiti. How they get a whole school all to themselves. How they can’t wait to see their friends and play soccer. How one of their best friends is an orphan but he’s “just like me” only he has more brothers and sisters. How they really like it when groups visit and asked them if they would want to visit one day. How they really have 2 other siblings that didn’t make the trip because Gigi only likes to look at her hand in Haiti and Isebelle is too big to fit on the plane. (Meaning MAF holds 9 and she would be #10 and there’s not enough seats). It was really cute. 



We just got home and we had this pile of cards laying on my desk and the kids were so excited!!!



The Northwest Christian Church Group has arrived safely in the Mole! Looking forward to a wonderful week of ministry! We’ve got granmoun VBS planned, hut to hut Evangelism, church construction, clinic, & lots of other community ministry. ‪#‎haiti‬


The girls and I are doing a Bible Study called Follow Me for preteens by David Platt.

A question came up: What does it cost to follow Jesus?
Malaya: Nothing
Rosie: Everything 
Mikela: Your life

Funny how all three of those answers are uniquely right. When I read them all together it takes me to a whole other level of what Christ is ASKING of me….of our family…..of our ministry.

What does it mean to leave everything behind to follow Jesus?
Mikela: It means you go with empty hands

Empty hands are open hands…..

I have a feeling as I lead my girls through this study they will teach me and show me more than I ever will. ‪#‎childlikefaith‬‪#‎letthelittlechildrencometome‬‪ #‎followmewithhandswideopen‬


Jody Owen Castillo

September 21  at 2:16pm ·

 The team is hosting a Senior/Granmoun VBS. ‪#‎haiti‬ @nwhcm
Jody Owen Castillo

September 21 at 6:18pm ·

Today we turned our Women’s Bible Study into a Self-Defense Class. The women LOVED it and REALLY got into it. At the end, the men asked if they had any questions.

Tears began to stream as the questions asked were directly related to personal attacks they had suffered. Though I know the tragic situations that many of the women have been involved in – I was totally caught off guard when 3 other women shared how they had been beaten & raped. I’ve known them for 5 years and had no idea their pain.

The men said these ladies caught on quicker and were more engaged than the countless other professionals they’ve taught. That’s because it was very real to them…..it was a tool they desperately needed.

I’m so grateful to these men! I’m so thankful that God opened my eyes & heart to the pain they suffer. I pray that He will give me the words, discernment, & wisdom I need…..as I continue to serve these beautiful ladies. #womenofworth #haiti

Jody Owen Castillo

September 22

After being gone for 6 weeks it was SO great to be back in the clinic! I saw 80 patients this morning and we had even more show up just now. Word is out that we are open again!

So thankful for the team who prayed with every patient, sorted meds, took blood pressures, and loved on the patients.

EVERYONE misses Morgan and constantly asked for her today. But Susandid a fantastic job on her first day as my new pharmacist!

I was so happy to see Jonathan. His mom died of AIDS and his aunt cares for him. I was worried about him while we were gone…..but he looks healthy and happy! ‪#‎haiti‬

Jody Owen Castillo
September 24th
Love how this team is motivating my boys! Levi and Gabe told me they had so much fun working on the staff houses! ‪#‎haiti‬ ‪#‎hardknocklife‬ ‪#‎kidsunderconstruction‬
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September 25th ·
SO grateful for a very special friend who donated funds so we could build a full-size basketball court! All of our kids on campus are SO thrilled to play on it! We know this will also open doors for us to engage the youth in the community! ‪#‎Godwins‬ ‪#‎haiti‬


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