So Thankful Replay… Day 8

Last year the Mole used Natcom for our internet needs. The internet was high speed  –  you could upload & download files fairly quickly. Since our campus was really the only people using Natcom the company left the Mole. Now we literally live on the “edge”! What used to be a joy of snapping a quick picture or video & uploading it to Facebook/blog is now a headache & hassle. Sometimes I think I could send you a telegram faster.

We are now forced to use a satellite internet company that’s 5x as much money & still half the speed of what we had before. Sometimes you don’t realize how blessed you are until what you need is gone.

Thankfully we do have internet regardless of the speed. As I think about the boat sinking and how quickly we were able to share the tragedy, update needs lists, & receive so many encouraging communications from everyone –  I realized again how useful technology is.

For those of you who sponsor children on this campus – I know it’s a blessing when you are able to see an updated picture of how your child is doing on their Family Tree page! We also love showing your pictures to them as well.

Technology when used in the “right amounts” can allow families to become closer. Because of voxer – I’m able to talk with my children every day though they are in Haiti and I’m currently packing things up in the states. We can even send each other pictures. It can make the distance seem shorter.

Our key Haitian leaders all have voxer as well. So do all our missionaries, board members, family, & friends. With voxer you can loop several people in one “chat” or just talk on- on-one with someone. We have a missionary chat where we are able to share our ups & downs. We have leadership chats where we can talk throughout each day as drama arrives. My children can talk to their nana & papaw when they want. It’s truly amazing how this little phone app has changed the way we communicate as a mission & as leaders. It’s incredible how it can bring all of us together though we are spread out everywhere.

So today I’m thankful for VOXER – for technology.


SO Thankful…Day 8

It’s hard to imagine what our world would be like without technology. I know some of us think technology is the devil! HA! But believe it or not – technology can also be used to bring God glory!!

Years and years ago – the mission didn’t have a telephone. We didn’t have internet. The way you communicated was through a Ham Radio System. That’s right! Breaker – Breaker –  119 – this is Haiti. I need a radio check! Come on back! 10-4!

We slowly upgraded from that to an email that went across the radio waves. It was REALLY expensive. They charged you by the number of words you typed. It would take hours to upload and download. Emails were only sent for quick updates every few days. No blogging or long stories. Just enough words to let your loved ones know you were alive and well!

When Jose and I moved to Haiti over 10 years ago- God used Jose’s ITT skills to hook up a REAL internet! Years later we got an internet phone!

Thanks to advances in technology Jose and I are able to communicate with our friends and family in the states! We’re able to blog about the latest and greatest needs! We’re able to share our life daily – in ways that were never possible before! We also get to stay in touch with our loved ones! We may be 1000’s of miles apart but technology makes us feel like we’re right there together!

So today I am thankful for technology!

For being able to fellowship with friends from all over the world!

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