SO Thankful Replay…Day 22

Funny how the day before I’m talking about being up all night and the very next day I’m thankful for the sunrise….which I often miss more times than not!

There are times though where I’m “forced” to look at it….like when we had to get up early to catch our flight into Haiti last week. I see most of my sunrises while riding in planes.

There is something so magical in flying through the clouds…. feeling like you could reach out and touch the sun as it begins to rise. What is it about a sunrise that suddenly leaves you so hopeful? Whatever happened yesterday – whatever misery it may have brought – there is comfort in knowing that day is officially over.

But you know the most dramatic sunrises happen when there are clouds – when we are in the clouds specifically. Clouds predict bad weather – they’re often symbols of negativity, sadness, & blues. But clouds also expand light, reflect color, and paint incredible masterpieces in the sky.

A sunrise without clouds is like a life without hardships. A life free of struggles can resemble a bland sunrise. Truth is – the people I respect and admire the most are those whose lives have been filled with clouds….. but they walk through any weather with God just the same. These people walk in splendor. They leave me in awe.

One thing is sure – I’m never disappointed when I find myself in the company of those who have learned to rise up in the midst of clouds. They don’t seek to avoid cloudy days –  rather they accept the brilliant contrasts God can create through their adversity.

You see the cool things about sunrises are  –  they rise no matter what the weather is around them. AND the crazier the weather is – the more dramatic & beautiful the sunrise becomes.

So today I’m thankful for sunrises. I’m even thankful for those clouds & the way they enhance the sun. I pray that I too am able to reflect the beauty of the Son each morning as I rise.


SO Thankful…Day 22

It’s a rare occasion for me to be up early enough to catch a sunrise – but a few days ago Momma Gigi and I were sitting outside together! I was surprised to find her there on the porch. She told me that every morning she tries to catch the sun coming up! It’s rare for her to miss it.

We got into an amazing discussion – and I wanted to share some of it with you.

From Momma Gigi:

I love to go to the 4am prayer services because when the service is finished you get to see God’s creation at its best. I know when I see the sun begin to peak that God has blessed me with another day. It’s hard not to look at the sunrise and not know how big our God is. 

Even if my life is tough and my children are hungry – I look at the sky and see the endless possibilities. I think that  if the Creator of this world can make the sky look like that – then He can help me. And that’s where I draw my strength….from the sunrise. From God shining down on me. It gives me Hope in a life where there will be no more pain – no more hunger – no more sickness. So I make a point to rise early  – so I can give God praise for His promise for a new day!

So today I am thankful for the sunrise!

For the hope and strength it gives to so many!

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