SO Thankful Replay…Day 29

Whenever I’m stateside and people ask me about our living conditions  – they’re baffled when I say we have a generator that powers our home & campus.

Think about your life right now. How easy is it for you to just flip on a light? Yes the power you use does increase or decrease your electric bill –  but it doesn’t take a lot of work on your end to make things happen. It’s just a bill you pay online.

For us – each month we have to go to Port-de-Paix (4-5 hour drive) to buy 5 barrels of diesel, two tanks of propane, & 15 gallons of gasoline. This is what it takes to run our campus each month. Even still – we can’t afford to run our generator 24-7.

We typically run our diesel generator from 8am-12pm & 5pm-midnight.  The propane gives us hot water & allows us to use our stove. The gasoline runs a smaller generator that we can run when solar dies.

If we don’t plan just right – if we run the generator a little longer than our typical hours – we won’t have enough fuel to get us through the month. If the military truck isn’t running – and can’t pick up the fuel – that causes a whole other slew of issues.

Yet all that work & planning – is SO worth it!

Asher has heat-sensitive seizures. Being able to turn on an AC to cool him down is priceless. Being able to make ice – having something cold to drink – flipping on the light late at night – plugging in fans – charging computers & phones  – having internet –  watching TV – decorating an entire courtyard in lights – plugging in our Christmas tree – running our clinic equipment – being able to print & make copies of needed documents….these are a few of my favorite things that electricity provides!

So today I’m thankful for electricity! I’m thankful for the way God provided us a generator when our other one exploded last year. I’m thankful for the people he’s sent to provide maintenance on the one we have now. I’m thankful for the way electricity literally brings light into our world! For all the different ways it brings comfort to our orphans, staff, family, & friends.


SO Thankful…Day 29

Whenever we visit the states it always takes a few nights to remember that we’re not in Haiti anymore! One night while we were sleeping Jose accidentally unplugged the fan. My first thought was – OH NO – the solar batteries have died!!  Then I realized we’re not in Haiti and we could simply plug the fan right back in.

It’s simple things really – like being able to turn the light on whenever you want. Sitting without sweating – since we have AC in the states. Not having to unplug your fridge/freezer every afternoon and evening so it doesn’t drain your solar batteries. Not having to time your showers to match when the sun is out so the water isn’t freezing cold! Actually being able to cover up at night with a pile of blankets – my favorite!

We talked to the Mole Staff yesterday and found out we’re down to our last barrel of diesel.  They’re running the generator just 3 hours a day. That means only 3 hours of real electricity. When Bena told us that I have to admit – my first thought was – I’m so glad I’m not there right now! I HATE IT when we don’t have electricity! I know as missionaries we are supposed to sacrifice without thinking. I’d like to say that’s as easy as pie. But honestly – there are some days that I struggle with not having the simple things like – – hot baths – – cold drinking water – – electricity.

Bena told us with the power being so limited the staff isn’t able to fully charge their cell phones and other batteries. I never really thought about what our mission in the Mole provides! We constantly have village people plugging into us when the generator is on.

Electricity is just something we take for granted here in the states! I know when I’m here I relish every moment of it! Hard to imagine how the Haitians deal without it every single day.

Right now I’m sitting on my bed – covered in blankets – ceiling fan on – computer plugged in – cell phone charging – while drinking an ice cold glass of milk! It’s the little things……

So today I’m thankful for electricity!

That for the next month I’ll have total comfort without worrying about how long the power will last!

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