Castillo Kids Are Circling Prayers…

Last year during our big Christmas Feast – I shared with everyone all the answered prayers from our 2012 Circled Prayer List. We as a staff had gone through the book by Mark Batterson called the Circle Maker. Then I had each of the employees tell me the things that they want to begin praying about.

I sent them away with chalk and it was beautiful to see the things they were literally drawing circles around. All of them had drawn circles in their homes too where they prayed every day & night.

As we saw God’s great provision & the way He answered 2/3’rds of our prayers already- I decided to give our kids the same opportunity.

So today we held our own church service this morning. We read the children’s version of the Circle Maker. Then I asked them what they thought we should spend 2016 praying for. Some of their answers were really sweet, some made me teary-eyed, and some made me laugh!

So that you can be praying along with our kids….I wanted to share with you the things that are on their hearts as we head into this brand new year.



  • That I won’t get in trouble much at school.
  • That Nana and Papaw move to the Mole.
  • That the boat won’t sink again.
  • That more groups come because it’s lonely.
  • That everyone plays outside more and doesn’t fight.
  • That the orphans don’t get sick.
  • That I will grow up in Haiti
  • That God will protect our campus and all of the people on it.
  • That Auntie Lolo will come visit us in the Mole
  • That we won’t be poor. That the people in Haiti won’t be poor.



  • That I stop biting my brothers and getting in trouble.
  • That people will have water and won’t have to walk a long time to get it.
  • That we will have a good school year so Miss Beth will always stay and be our teacher.
  • That the fishing villages know God.
  • That momma and daddy will have another baby.
  • That we will always have food & shelter.
  • That mommy won’t be sick.
  • That we will have money to go to the states every year to visit.
  • That sad people will find joy.



  • That I do better in math, spelling, & reading
  • That I fight less with my brothers and sister.
  • That I’m alive when Christ comes back so I can see Him come.
  • That Nana and Papaw live long enough to see my children.
  • That T-son & Rosie’s Granny will be blessed since they were treated so bad for a long time.
  • That Miss Beth will have a good English class so they can know Jesus.
  • That we see Auntie Lolo more.



  • That we see Nana, Papaw, & Mamita more.
  • That Uncle Billy’s family wouldn’t be sad this year without Billy.
  • That Ruth will live along time and be healthy enough to come visit the Mole at least one time.
  • That I will grow up and be a great lawyer and can come back to Haiti and teach the Haitians how they can be one.
  • That Uncle Christian, Ledhis, Mamita, & Uncle Jose grow close to the Lord and know He loves them. That they won’t be sad.
  • For the family of the little boy who was stabbed in Versailles.
  • That Kathie’s (cooker) feet won’t hurt so she can come to Haiti more often.
  • That everyone would grow in their card-playing & dancing abilities so there’s real competition! 🙂
  • That we will have more babies come through our home like Fabe so we can take care of them and give them a better chance to survive.
  • That Papaw gets a little bit sane! (LOL)
  • For Nana who gets lonely and has to take care of papaw.
  • For Momma Gigi’s blood pressure.
  • Mme Nene will have enough money for her kids to all go to college.
  • That mom/dad will stay together forever & not be sick.
  • That we had enough funds to complete all the projects we want to do on campus.
  • That more teams come.



  • That the boys don’t pass me in schooling and I can be smart.
  • That granny would be able to hear & to speak so she can know Jesus.
  • That Miss Beth won’t be lonely and will have more fun.
  • That Bena would know Christ.
  • Elirose works so hard & is tired. That she will take care of herself and not be lonely.
  • Tizzie is always traveling for the orphanage. That she will be safe.
  • That Fabe would be okay.
  • That Isebelle will be healthy and always be her sister.
  • That I would control my anger.



  • That everyone on this campus will really know Christ as their daddy.
  • That Novenson (employee son) would be more active in church.
  • That Fabe would start to grow and have a good life.
  • That girls who are traded for sex wouldn’t get pregnant or diseases.
  • That I will be a good police officer and stop abuse in this country.
  • That the police in Haiti would do a better job at stopping abuse & punishing people who do bad things.
  • That the orphans have everything they need and they stay healthy.
  • That this campus stays healthy.
  • That the mission will always be here & have what it needs to help others all the time.
  • That people who struggle with life would find peace.

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