Happy Birthday Asher, Levi, Mikela, & Gabriel!

Mikela’s birthday was July 11th!

Mikela told me we needed to do something special the night before her birthday because she’ll officially be a teen – 13 to be exact!

So we sent off a Sky lantern….her saying goodbye to her childhood and me praying for this next chapter of her life – for God to hold her tightly and walk with her daily!

Mikela wanted an intimate gathering to celebrate her special day. So we invited the staff kids over to the house for pizza, cake, & movies! I can’t believe how grown-up my little girl is. Hard to believe she was just 10 months old and 4 pounds when God brought her into our lives. Thankful every day that God chose me to be her mother.


Mikela is in a singing group and the Sunday before her birthday she got to sing in front of church. I was running the powerpoint for our worship – so I had a front row seat to her first solo! SO beautiful! I’m SO proud!


Asher & Levi celebrated their 7th birthday on June 25th.

Gabriel turned 9 years old on July 21st.

The boys really wanted to celebrate their birthdays in the states. Gabriel wants to have a paintball war for his birthday (still trying to figure that one out). Asher & Levi wanted to go to the waterpark.

So we flew to the states July 22nd and on July 24th we hit the waterpark! My mom came with us to the waterpark! As part of their birthdays – Marla & Jack Crisman surprised everyone at the hotel in Louisville! I wish you could have seen their faces when they walked into the hotel lobby and  there were two people “randomly” sitting on the couch! I think Marla & Jack were a present for everyone!



We spent three wonderfully crazy days together! Two of them were at Kentucky Kingdom and the last one we did a movie & lunch. They were SO sad when we dropped Marla & Jack off at the airport. Always hard to say goodbye to family.


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  1. Happy birthday, Gabe, Levi and Asher. You are all great boys that I am proud to know. Love you.

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