Summer 2016 Update 2…

WOW! I can’t believe it’s already been a month since I posted last. Life has been absolutely crazy-busy! This is the busiest schedule we’ve had in the states. Looking forward to getting back home and resting a few days.

The first weekend in August we were blessed to spend time with our friends in Michigan! Tom & Sharon Snivley opened up their home and hearts to us….and spent quality time with our kiddos! We always have a blast when we get to spend quality time with our dear friends.  We also spoke Sunday after church. It was so good to see old friends & make some new ones!

When we got back from Michigan we had just three days in Kentucky –  which was full of doctor appointments – before we drove 20 hours to Texas! The kids missed their cousins and I wanted to meet little Selah before she started walking! SO we got to spend a couple of days with Janeil & Heather and hear ALL the exciting things going on in their lives and with their ministry.

We were then in Kentucky a couple of days… then Jose & I headed to a leadership meeting. Once we got back to KY we spent countless hours shopping and then packing the crates/barrels to go to Haiti.  We loaded them into a 53-foot shipping container – our annual shipping to Haiti. I just heard they are in Haiti already and will be unloaded on Monday!

After that my sister took the kids for 10 days! They only get to see her once a year so they count down the days until they can be together. It’s feast or famine for them. Ten days with 7 kids is nuts but it’s the only chance they get to be with her. Pretty sure they wore her and Scott out – – but they have memories to last a lifetime.

We were in KY just a few days and then we headed to Atlanta to spend the weekend with friends at Northwest Christian Church! What an incredible weekend of fellowship, food, and fun! So thankful for this new partnership and for the way they really poured into us – counseled us – and just loved us.

In the Doctor World

Eye Doctors: Malaya needs glasses. She tried contacts this week and she can actually wear them. I could never touch my eyes. So she’s excited to see and have the chance to wear contacts.

Asher also needed glasses for school.


We had a cancer scare with Malaya. She had 3 atypical cysts in her leg and we weren’t sure if something serious was going on. After running some tests – they ended up being ganglion cysts – nothing to worry about. We can drain them if they become painful. I kept picturing my sweet little dancer having cancer in her leg and it was all I could bare. I know – I need to remember God’s in control.

Levi had to have his tonsils/adenoids out. He’s also go high cholesterol. My guess is if all the kids were tested for that it would show up positive because of all the fried food in Haiti. So we are trying to think of better feeding practices once we get home.

Gabriel really needs some speech therapy. He had his tongue clipped as a baby. I can understand him pretty well but he does have issues explaining things to others.

Asher really struggles with reading. I’m not sure if it’s because he doesn’t like school in general – or if we need to look into new ways of teaching him.

Dentist: Asher had to make 2 more visits to get his cavities fixed and Malaya had one cavity.

Pulmologist/GI: I’ve also been in and out of the doctor offices myself as I got sick with aspirated pneumonia again. This is the 2nd time in 3 months. So it was CT scans, barium swallows, blood work, etc.  Between the GI doctor & pulmologist I think we have it all worked out. I plan on going back to Haiti healthy – but will definitely need a few days to rest. I’m really tired – so is Jose. But excited to get back home and knowing that the boat is there with all our stuff – that’s exciting too.


Jose’s mom came Wednesday night and is here until Sunday. SO great for the kids to see her….this will be the only time they get to this year. Normally she comes to Haiti at Christmas but it’s not going to work out this year. So thankful they get a few days to love on her here.

We head back to Haiti September 21st so please keep us in your prayers. We’re packing up 20 tubs & 10 carryons – it’s a full-time job.

Tomorrow we are celebrating Gabriel’s 9th birthday. He turned 9 on July 21st but we never got to have a party to celebrate. So we are going to Champs tomorrow – it’s a skating, laser tag, golf, arcade place! Should be great fun!  I’ll post more about it tomorrow!

ALSO Fabi is up and walking all by herself – not wobbly – walking with confidence! There’s a fight going on in our house about who she’s going to walk to first! Can’t wait to see that sweet baby! I may or may not have 2 tubs worth of stuff for her…. and a few bigger things on the boat! I can’t help it. How can you not spoil this little baby!

Fabi finding her footing….

Fabi walking with confidence

Here are some random pictures from the past month as well as some Facebook posts from the past month. I will try to do better at posting as things come along but I just haven’t had time to sit down and do it.



Jody Owen Castillo with Jose Alexander Castillo and Tom Snivley.   August 6 ·
 Kids are spending the morning helping put together a panel home in a church parking lot that will be given to habitat humanity. These same kind of panels are what we used to build our home, school, employee homes, and depots in Haiti! #payitforward #hammertime



Jody Owen Castillo August 7 ·
 Overheard in our van:

Gabe: mom tell Asher to stop teasing me about girls. I don’t need that kind of trouble.

Levi: yeah. I don’t want to be married too because they’ll just want to talk and hold my hand and eat my fries.

Rosie teasing: you’re too ugly to to be married. Only beautiful people get married.

Asher: umm no. I’m beautiful and I’m not married yet. Sometimes they just want your money.

Levi: If I want to get married I’ll just tell them I own a candy store. #deepthoughts#neveradullmoment

Jody Owen CastilloThe struggle is real!! Lol!
Jody Owen Castillo August 9 ·
 Overheard in our van:
Gabe: daddy who is your daddy?
Jose: Jesus and God.
Asher: don’t forget about that Holy Spirit. That’s an important one. You can talk to him like a friend. But don’t yell. He doesn’t like that.

#deepthoughts #useyourinsidevoice


Jody Owen Castillo August 12 ·
 Overheard in our van after 14 hours of driving (with 3-4 more to go)
Gabe: It takes longer to get to Texas than Haiti. I bet they stamp your passport.
Levi: I bet they speak a different language too.
Asher: how do you say “hello” in Texas?
Me: I “think” you tip your hat and say – Howdy y’all! 🏜
Levi: ohhhhh. So it’s “kind of” like English….
Couch-full of cousins!! 



Jody Owen Castillo added 4 photos and a video — with Jose Alexander Castillo at Northwest Christian ChurchSeptember 11 at 2:02pm · Acworth, GA ·
What an AMAZING weekend with Northwest Christian Church!
Thank you SO much for the way you loved -and I mean LOVED – deeply, encouraged, and poured into my family! I’m SO excited for our partnership and what the future holds!



Jody Owen Castillo with Lori Conley and Jose Alexander CastilloSeptember 11 at 11:00pm ·
 Poor little Levi has to have his tonsils/adenoids taken out tomorrow at 6:30am. He’s really nervous about it. We appreciate your prayers for a drama-free surgery and recovery.


Auntie Lolo singing to him to calm him down…and allow pain meds to work.
Thanks for the prayers.

img_2314   img_2318  14233081_10154452507365758_4692531266916517332_n




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