Happy Halloween 2016

We knew when we raised our children in Haiti  – they would have to give up a certain amount of “American” childhood experiences. They don’t get to play in organized sports,  play in the school band,  become a girl scout, be a ballerina, join the drama club, join 4-H, etc. etc.

Don’t get me wrong – the things that they DO get to be apart of are amazing and I don’t regret a single moment of our choice to live in Haiti full time. I know this is where God called us. But when their stateside friends talk about all the fun things they get to do – I know my children feel a little left out.
When you can’t take your kids to the playground or the mall or the movies or the toy store or Dairy Queen or Walmart…. these little festivities give us great traditions and create wonderful childhood memories.
If you check out our Mole Blog you’ll see our Pumpkin Party from Sunday: https://molehaiti.org/2016/10/30/pumpkin-party-2016/
Last night we had a special family time together. The kids carved pumpkins. They’re green because that’s what they have here. The staff took the seeds and will make pumpkin soup with it. Nothing goes wasted! While the kids were carving pumpkins little Fabi was being an angel and dancing all over the room!
I put black-light bulbs in the hallway – that’s the picture you see that’s really dark. Then I hid glow in the dark skeleton bones all over the house. The kids split into teams and then they had to go find the pieces to their skeleton and then put it together! It took them a really long time because I hid them well! 🙂
Then we played a little twister and ate some candy…..then  it was time for bed since the kids had school today. You’ll see Fabi fell asleep while everyone was playing twister! 🙂

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