Disco Divas – Birthday Bash for Rosie & Izzy!

Sunday night we celebrated Rosie’s 13th birthday and Isabelle’s 5th birthday! This year’s theme was Disco Divas! We had glow in the dark bracelets, hair clips, rings, & necklaces. We also had 5 different disco lights that swirled rainbows of color on the walls and ceiling.

The party started at 5pm and ended at 7:30pm. Rosie & Izzy invited 20 girls to the party. Tom Snivley & my parents got to attend the party too! 🙂


The party started in the cafeteria. We didn’t want to take up space in our living room with tables – so it made the most sense to start the party there. As children arrived we painted their nails with glow in the dark nail polish! Susan also put make-up on each of the kids too!

Then everyone got to eat a HUGE helping of spaghetti and hot dogs!


After everyone ate we headed over to our house  – to the Disco Scene! As the children arrived we passed out their goody bags. Each goody bag had glasses, a retro scarf, & lots of glow in the dark jewelry!

Prize Pong Game

The first game we played was our version of a carnival fish-bowl game. We put glasses in the middle of the floor. Using glow-in-the-dark ping-pong balls … you had to throw the balls until they landed in a glass. Under each glass was a number that corresponded with our prize table. So if your ball landed in a glass labeled #2…. you got prize #2.


Musical Glow-Sticks 

Then we played our version of musical chairs. Everyone stands in a circle and holds hands. You walk in the circle until the music stops. When the music stops you have to run and stand-on a glow stick. There aren’t enough glow sticks for everyone to stand on. So if you didn’t stand on one – then you’re out. You continue playing – taking away glow sticks – until there’s only one person left.


Color Tag

Then we took the kids outside to play color tag. Everyone had different colored necklaces. They stood in a line. Rosie & Isabelle were “IT”.  When Susan calls your color – you have to run from one side of the yard to the other without being tagged. Last person left wins.



We have a plinko board that’s labeled 0-5 at the bottom. You drop a wooden chip at the top of the board and wherever it falls – that’s how many pieces of candy you get!



We had a butterfly piñata. We played two rounds – the smallest kids got a chance to collect the candy first. Then for round 2 we dumped the remaining candy out and the older kids got to scavenger for it.



We also had several dance competitions  – whoever danced the best won a prize! We also had 3 dozen balloons that we threw onto the dance floor! The kids got to dance and throw them around – kind of like a Rave!

Between the swirling lights of the disco floor & the light-up jewelry that the kids were wearing – it was hard to get clear pictures & videos. But I think you’ll get the idea of how awesome it all was just the same! LOL! 🙂



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