Rosie’s birthday is January 8th and Isabelle’s birthday is January 7th.  Our December was so packed full of activities we thought it would be better to postpone their birthday party for a month….sort of spreading out the fun!

WELL TODAY was the day! Rosie & Izzy decided they wanted a COWGIRL theme!

Now I love to decorate and I love theme parties! There’s no movie theaters, malls, pizza places, bowling alleys, or any other fun place to take my kids here.  I do my best to make their birthdays and holidays something they can look back on…knowing mommy did her best to make them special.

Now in my quest to be super mom – I thought I would tackle a horse-shaped cake for the party. Here’s a little snippet I did on Facebook about it….

That awkward moment….

1-when you realize you aren’t an artist
2-when Momma Gigi laughs so hard she cries
3-when Rosie gets excited seeing the horse baking pan and then an hour later asks – Momma what’s that supposed be?
4-when you don’t have any of the right colors or tools to do the little dots like the picture but you know even if you did it wouldn’t look much better!!😂😂😂😂
5-when Malaya said she would help fix it but took one look and washed her hands of it saying “It can’t be saved! Trash it and start over.”


Yep…not my best work! LOL! But the rest of the decorating I did for the party wasn’t too bad!



When the kids arrived the first thing we did was roast hot dogs outside. Then they came into the living room and watched cartoons while they ate.



All the kids got their picture taken…picking whatever props they wanted!



There were 26 kids…so we divided them into 2 groups of 13. Rosie’s team was the robbers and Izzy’s team was the police. They would then compete in 3 games outside.

Game 1

Using sticks the kids had a relay race. They were supposed to pretend the wooden sticks were horses and gallop to a rock…touch it…and then gallop back.

Umm…..they’ve never been horseback riding or seen it on TV. They have NO clue what it means to gallop. So pretty much they just ran the entire way! LOL!

Game 2

The Cops & Robbers lined up on opposite sides. Each kid had a number. We placed a “Money Bag” in the middle. Susan yelled out numbers. If she called your number –  than that kid  – from each side –  had to race to the middle and try to grab the bag …. and bring it back without being tagged by their opponent.

Game 3

We hid the “Money Bag” in out front yard. Each group was timed as they searched for it. Izzy’s group did not find it…and they timed out. Rosie’s group DID find it – so they won.



The kids then made paper-plate ponies! I try to remind myself that doing crafts with little kids is NEVER fun! But we thought this one was pretty easy. NOPE….still took forever and they each needed a lot of help.



Each of the girls held their own cake. We sang to Izzy first and then we sang to Rosie! After that we passed out their goody bags, popcorn, and cupcakes!



We thought we would do the piñata with everyone but we also thought that might cause quite a bit of drama with 26 kids rushing to get candy. Instead – we did it with the adults and family – AFTER the kids left! I wish you could have seen Fabi. This was her first piñata.

As the candy fell upon her – she laughed. Instead of grabbing candy and putting it in her bag – she just took the candy and threw it up in air laughing. I’m pretty sure it’s every little girl’s dream to have candy rain down on them. She made sure to enjoy it as she continued to throw it up again and again with glee!



We always wait for the kids to leave before we open presents….so we don’t cause any unnecessary jealousy.  The kids are NEVER asked to bring presents…instead we always feed them and load them up with little goodies.


Well I am COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY EXHAUSTED! I’m SO thankful for Susan, Beth, Jose, Momma Gigi, Malaya, & Mikela  for helping to make this party a successful one! It takes a village…..


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