Prayer Requests for Rosie & Malaya…

Friday afternoon, Malaya’s primary doctor and dermatologist worked together and came up with a “likely” diagnosis for all of her weird health issues.

So, Saturday we began our long series of tests to see if she has Cushing’s Syndrome.

They took 9 tubes of blood on Saturday. Later this week, she’ll have an MRI to see if she’s got a pituitary tumor in the back part of her brain. Then they’ll do a CT scan of her chest/abdomen. They will also admit her in the hospital for 24-hours so they can draw blood levels throughout the day/night.

Last week, we found out that Rosie’s scoliosis is continuing to grow roughly 5% a year and it will be debilitating for her as she gets older. Her curve is already over 50%. There’s concern that as the curve continues to grow – it could put pressure on her lungs.  She will NEED corrective surgery.

Because we can’t get insurance on her and she’s not a US citizen – it’s been EXTREMELY difficult finding a surgeon willing to operate. We have reached out to Shriners and MANY other medical facilities/programs without any luck.

I’m not gonna lie… I’m feeling very frustrated/overwhelmed/confused that we have to even think about these things with all that we’ve already been through this year.

We appreciate your prayers for peace, strength, patience, wisdom, and answers as we trudge through these rough waters.


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