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January Family Update!

I’m currently writing you from our St. Louis du Nord Campus. On Friday we will greet our first surgery team of the year! We are SO excited and thankful for this medical team. Many Haitians have been waiting over a year for these life-changing surgeries.

We will be here for a week and then we’re heading to the states. Malaya has several doctor appointments scheduled as they continue to investigate the marks that are on her arms, legs, and back.

January 2020 has been full of many ups & downs….

So here’s a look at some of our past posts from this month.


Post 1 – The President’s wife actually came and dropped of Christmas gifts for our orphanage! They spent 5 days here in the Mole – across the street. We became great friends with their security guards. The town was completely calm during their stay. In fact, the President actually rode his bike downtown around the town square! 


Post 2 – When we get to the States I plan to upload more pictures and videos from this incredible New Year’s Celebration. It could not have gone better and the talent was insane!


Post 3 – My best friend died on January 1st 2019.  Reliving & processing those days was SO difficult.


Post 4 – Our Children’s Church Party was a blast.  I’ll load more pics next  week.


Post 5 – My best friend died on January 1st 2019.  Reliving & processing those days was SO difficult.




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