Castillo Family Update – March 2020…

When teams come to Haiti…I always tell them that A LOT can happen in just one week! Lives can be impacted, relationships can be deepened, and faith can be tested.

Well… that’s definitely been the case this past week as we all come to grips with the guidelines/restrictions due to the Corona Virus.  My family is currently separated due to this – some in Haiti and some in the states.

There’s a lot of anxiety and fear right now…. but we know that God doesn’t give us a spirit of fear. We know that our anxiety can’t change what is or isn’t to come…. yet still we lay awake all night.

I know that the weeks to come feel so uncertain. As you experience the struggle to care for your family during this pandemic- we know that trickles down to tithing as well. After Haiti experienced such a difficult year with Travel 4 Warnings in 2019 – we are impacted yet again. It’s easy to become anxious about what this could mean for our ministries & personal support. So though we don’t personally know your struggle….we know the struggle is real.

As our faith is tested….. I pray it is also restored.  We  must all come together and do our part to help those who are hurting…. whether it’s in Haiti or simply reaching out to your next door neighbor.

We say God is Good All the Time – All the Time God is Good. I hope others can see & feel that from us right now – even though it doesn’t feel good right now….even when we can’t see the good right now…. even when there’s doubt that good can be found.

Because if we can’t say that God is Good when things are bad….then the statement is void all together.



Here are some posts from the past few days…

I’ve been listening to audio books as I walk around the campus each night… many books on how to overcome anxiety, how to push through the pain, why suffering happens, how to be a resilient leader, how to find authentic joy again…

I know each emotion provides a testimony… I just never wanted every aspect of my life to be a living testament.

I can’t change what I can’t change… but I can learn to adapt and move forward.

That’s what I’m desperately trying to do now. Little by little… I’m remembering who God says I am – and what He called me to do.


Rosie is scheduled to have her scoliosis surgery April 21st. With the uncertainty of travel bans and the probability of it escalating before it gets better… we decided to bring Rosie out early. We can’t take a chance that they block non-US citizens from entry and she misses her surgery.

Malaya’s still covered in those spider-like marks so she is coming out for treatment too. And since leaving 3 boys behind for an unknown period of time isn’t fair for anyone…. Asher will also tag along. 😂

As I watch the stateside news – I can’t help but notice the irony.

As stateside churches began closing their doors this week… we could hear the voices of our congregation coming together in worship.

We still had our usual weekly cookout with the missionaries and Americk. Staff meetings, schools, dance classes, sports, and community activities are still in full force.

Most people are afraid to travel to Haiti. Even on Haiti’s worst days – we’ve always had peace.

In the past 40 years – we’ve never left during coos, cholera, unrest, or natural disasters. When missionaries are called home, my family stays. It’s difficult to tell others to trust God and then flee when trouble comes.

So while we have never questioned being where we are…. we are a bit anxious about where we are headed. Traveling to the states is usually fun! We eat what we want and buy supplies to bring home.

I told the kids we will have to fast when we arrive… because apparently all the grocery store shelves are empty. We love to order from the amazon food pantry and yet they too are lacking.

On the positive side…. fasting is probably the best thing to do right now anyways since there’s a toilet paper shortage! 😉😳

Perspective…. what a difference it makes.

Please pray for our travels tomorrow and for God to give us wisdom and peace… as our well-made plans seem to continually be out of our hands! I’m sure you know EXACTLY what we mean!

Haiti always comes together during a crisis…. I hope I get to experience that in the states as well!

He’s got the anxious & the fear-filled in His hands
He’s got the vulnerable & the elderly in His hands
He’s got the leaders & the hospitals in His hands
He’s got the WHOLE world in His hands

Please pray for our family as we were separated a month sooner than planned. We know it’s difficult for our children who stayed behind…. for the uncertainty of when we can come back if the borders stay closed. Miss Beth & Momma Gigi are holding down the fort for us…and I know they would appreciate your prayers for wisdom, patience, health, & peace.

As many of you know – Malaya, Asher, Rosie, Jose, & I arrived in Kentucky around 2am yesterday.

Rosie has her Scoliosis Surgery scheduled for April 21st. Our original plan was to fly out just before her surgery. However, with the increase in travel restrictions – we couldn’t chance her being blocked from entry. Malaya came out to receive treatments for the spider-like marks on her arms & legs….and we brought Asher out because leaving 3 boys behind is absolute madness! Lol!

Rosie wept this weekend as she said good-bye to her friends, Miss Beth, & the rest of her siblings. For the past several months, she has been convinced that she will die during surgery. In fact, little Fabi asked me if I was going to die too…because she “knew” Rosie would.

Rosie has developmental delay & sensory integration disorder. Though she’s 15 years old, her developmental age is really closer to an 8 year-old. She will be in the hospital roughly 10 days after surgery and will need to stay out of Haiti for at least 4-6 months.

Jose, Malaya, & Asher will head back to Haiti after her surgery. I will stay out until June – then I have family/friends lined-up to care for her until the whole family can be reunited in July.

It would be wonderful for Rosie to “feel the love” while she anxiously awaits her surgery. When we were in Haiti, she could occupy her mind with her friends & dance. But when you’re stuck in the house all day without anything to do….there’s plenty of time to let the lies of the enemy consume you.

If you would like to send her a card or a special treat – you can mail it to my parent’s post office box.

Rosie Castillo
PO BOX 516
Versailles, KY 40383

If you need a physical address – please message me and I’ll send you my parent’s home address.

**Also, I know that many children are stuck at home right now. If you want a little project to keep your kids busy…. our campus kids LOVE to receive cards & drawings. They tape them to their walls. We’ve got 19 boys and 15 girls! So feel free to send mail for them too and Jose will take it back in next month.


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