Two Babies – Two Years Together!

It was November 17th, 2020 – when God blessed our family with two sweet baby girls! They were two months old at the time and severely malnourished. Amia had never opened her eyes before that day.

We weren’t sure what medical interventions would be needed or how much work would be required – but we didn’t really care! It was love at first sight! It took a village to help them reach important developmental milestones – and they did eventually reach them!

So this week, after 2 years together, we held an elaborate tea party to celebrate their lives! We invited 6 little girls to attend. We divided-up the classroom into half, using curtains to block-off all the school furniture.

The focus of the party was a pink tent – fully equipped with tea cups, plates, fake food, and real food! We also had a table full of finger-foods. We wanted to make it as simple as possible for the kids to play and snack during the entire party.

When the children arrived, we immediately had them pick out their shoes, skirt, earrings, a crown, gloves, & baby doll to feed! There was also a play-doh station where they could make mini food & desserts as well. We used edible playdoh – which means the kids could eat it while they played!

Before the party ended, we sang to the girls! We kept trying to get them to take a BIG BITE out of the cake. (I actually took one – trying to show them what to do). BUT instead, these girls were dainty and just grabbed a little spoon and started scrapping off the icing with it.

Below are some pictures from our fun day together!


Dress-Up & Photos


Eating & Cake

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