Rosie’s Granny In The Mole…

We had such a pleasant and COMPLETELY unexpected visit from Rosie’s granny this month!

We send monthly support to her family, but we haven’t actually seen her in person for nearly 3 years! She lives 5 hours away from us. She is deaf and doesn’t know ASL, which makes it difficult for us to communicate with her regularly.

For those of you who do not know the story of Rosie’s Granny.... you can click HERE to read about it.

Granny showed up on Good Friday! I was over in the cafeteria, decorating for Sunday’s Easter Meals. I heard a motorcycle pull through the gates and watched it park right in front of the cafeteria. I had NO IDEA who it was; I assumed it was someone dropping off supplies from downtown. I continued hanging decorations until I felt the tightest squeeze I have ever felt! I turned around and sure enough….there she was….GRANNY!

Rosie was over in the shakoon, sitting with Momma Gigi. I yelled over that GRANNY WAS HERE – and just like the scene out of a movie – I watched Rosie run as fast as I have ever seen! She rushed to granny and picked her right up! All the kids on campus were screaming! Momma Gigi, Asher, and I were in tears…. we haven’t seen Rosie light-up like that in a very long time.  It was the most beautiful and precious little reunion!

Granny hasn’t seen Rosie since her scoliosis surgery! She’s about 2 feet taller than granny now!

This past week has been an unforgettable time for both Rosie & her granny! They spent time at the beach, shopped downtown, cooked for each other, and spent hours and hours watching movies together on the patio!

Granny left a few days ago, but we are still laughing at all the crazy things she did this week! She’s seriously a hoot!! She has such a light and breezy spirit about her!

What an awesome and much needed surprise this was for Rosie and the whole family! 

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  1. This really made me happy. It’s so nice that Rosie’s granny could come to visit. I’m glad they had fun. Rosie looks so grown and so happy. She is beautiful. I’m looking at the pictures of all the kids. They all look wonderful. I miss you all so much. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

    M’wen renmen ou

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