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Never Too Young for a Mango….

Often in the afternoon the girls will sit outside and eat mangos. It’s become part of their “daily” routine. After mangos it’s time for a nap – so they really like to drag out the snack as long as they can! Today was a little interesting. As I went upstairs to watch the girls eat their mangos – I couldn’t help but laugh!! Take a look at their newest addition to the daily routine:

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1st Summer Group – Almost finished!

It seems like we’ve been preparing for the summer for months now and the first group has come and now is ready to go. We send out their luggage tomorrow. I’m always amazed at how God works from the time  a group arrives until the time they leave. The first day they are here – everyone is a little nervous – very overwhelmed and probably 85% of the new-timers are questioning – WHAT DID THEY JUST SIGN UP FOR??

A few days in – these once-strangers to each other and to Haiti – become friends and find peace in their surroundings. They begin to venture off campus and bring hope to the people of Haiti. They begin to feel comfortable playing with our special-needs children. Often unsure how to interact with these beautiful children – after a few days – they’re toting them around all over campus. 

The photos of strangers are no longer random people – but they’re friends. They play cards together at night and dance with our crazy granmoun. They call these strangers by name and can tell which child at the baby orphanage is crying even from a distance.

Then it’s only two days left and it’s time to go. Unable to know how to think – do they begin to process that they’re leaving soon or do they hold onto every moment they have here – even till the end – knowing it may be another year before they return?

You don’t think about the process that takes place for a traveler to come to Haiti but it’s actually an amazing thing. I stand in awe of our God  – how does he bring all these strangers together -make them family  – and have them work together on His behalf?? 

I look at all these programs, all the construction, all the people who rely on the mission every day – – all these things that have come together because of strangers uniting to serve HIS purpose. I’m not sure how He does it – but am so thankful that He does.