Gabriel…..Smarter than the Average Bear

Several have emailed and asked how I’ve been doing. I have good days and bad days. I’ll be glad when the good days out number the bad days! Today I woke up with a very painful headache. My face turns really red, I feel really warm, I’m very irritable (i know you think I’m always irritable) but I’m even more irritable than usual, and sometimes my body shakes just from the head pain. These painful headaches are unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before in my life. I called my first neurologist and she gave me a little pill cocktail that I can take: 2 percocets, 2 muscles relaxers, and 10 of the little migraine pills. Now that’s a great little mix to knock you out all day long. After taking that this morning, I got up around 5pm! But the good news is I didn’t hurt anymore 🙂 Granted I wasn’t conscious for the day but I didn’t hurt! I realize there’s no quick fix but I do believe overall I’m getting better….just wishing for some of those good days to head my way!




Breakfast-time Trick:

We stayed at my sister’s house for about 10 days. Of course he was at her house even a few days before Jose and I arrived. The first morning we’re there – I am amazed at Gabriel.

He has his morning bottle while we’re holding him. He then wiggles down and crawls over to the cabinet with the pots and pans. He grabs the skillet out the cabinet which is low to the ground. He bangs it and then my sister Lori walks over – grabs the pan and cooks him an egg. 

I didn’t pay much attention to it the first time. But when it happened Day 2, Day 3, Day 4 – I realized that Gabriel had come up with a new trick. He gets out the skillet and bangs it until someone comes and cooks him an egg!

Pick-me-up Trick:

He’ll be in his own little world until you have something he wants. He’s at the age where he doesn’t really want to just sit and be held – he wants to crawl…unless you have something he wants.

Jose is sitting on the couch with Malaya. Malaya has Gabriel’s yellow dump truck and she’s got her barbies riding in the back of it. Gabriel crawls to jose….puts his little head on Jose’s lap, then kneels down so he’s on his knees and raises his little arms. It’s like he’s just begging us to pick him up. So Jose picks him up and tries to give him a hug and Gabriel immediately goes after that yellow dump truck. He “used” Jose to get what he wanted.

So today I’m eating Cheetos. I watch Gabriel crawl over to me, place his little head on my lap, and then kneel down with his arms up in the air. It’s the cutest little thing….and of course – he goes after the Cheetos. 

Time and time again we’ve watched him do his “act” – head on lap, kneel down, and arms up! I’m not kidding – it’s the exact same three steps every time he wants something. It’s like I’ve got a little trained puppy dog!

Night-time Trick

So a few nights ago, Gabriel was crying around 1 am. We pick him up (he’s normally drenched) and change his diaper. We lay him in our bed while we change the sheets on his bed. By the time we come back he’s sound asleep on our bed. As soon as we get ready to pick him up to lay him back down he starts to cry. So we decide he will just sleep with us tonight. He snuggles up to the pillows and he’s out like a light. 

So the next three nights – we go through the same routine. We didn’t think much about it until today. I think Gabriel has found out a new game. He cries almost on cue – right at 1:00 am. We pick him up, change him, and sound asleep he goes in our bed. 

Now you wouldn’t think that he would be smart enough to know to do all these little tricks – he’s only 12 months old. But he’s actually got us all trained. He has us doing everything he wants. Now I realize that he’s the only boy in the family and he’s a baby – but this won’t be funny when he’s 7 years old and still sleeping in our bed!

So we’ve prepared ourselves tonight that we will NOT go get him when he cries on cue. Believe me, I know it’s not a good idea to sleep with your child for many reasons! It’s just so pitiful and he’s not in his regular bed. BUT – we’re going to be strong….even when he cries out momma and dada!

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  1. Well it’s a good thing he’s not at Auntie LoLo’s house or I would have scooped him up and fixed him a cheese egg right before letting him fall asleep with me! I MISS MY BABY! COME BACK TO OHIO!

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