Janeil just got the call that Heather will probably be induced this evening. So he has left! It was sad to see him go – this conference has been so amazing and I know he would really have enjoyed it. Heather actually pushed him to come because she knows it can be life changing.

The funny thing was – the first speaker was Andy Stanley and he was giving us three things that it takes to be a great leader. It included Forgiveness, FAMILY, and Finances. He started talking about family and not letting work or even GOD keep you from putting them first. We don’t want our children saying that mommy and daddy wasn’t around because they were out working for the Lord. God doesn’t want us to sacrifice our children on the alter of ministry. Anyone can replace our job but our kids only have one set of parents and maybe if spiritual leaders spent more time with their children then the world would be different. Interesting thought!

Andy said that maybe the most powerful move we can make is to leave right now and go home so that your family is a priority. Janeil looked at me and smiled…..and sure enough – he left! On his way out – he got the call that Heather was looking to be induced! Got to love God’s timing!

Be in prayer for them – it’s a scary time. The baby’s heart rate is elevated some and that is making everyone a little nervous. God is in control!

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