We’re Back!

Feeling extremely exhausted after a wonderful 3-day spiritual retreat. We arrived in Atlanta late on Friday night and got up at 3am to fly into Haiti today and we are finally here with the surgery team! ALL THEIR BAGS MADE IT TOO! YEAH GOD!

I was hoping the kids would be in the courtyard when I arrived but they were all asleep! I was sitting at the picnic table when they woke up and they all came running! So good to be a mommy! The girls fought for my attention and told me what all they did this week.

I saw Gigi walking around and it took a little bit of time before she realized I was here. I thought we were going to have one of those airport greetings – where two people see each other and run and hug – you know how you see on tv? Gigi came running towards my table and as she gave me a hug – she grabbed the cup of lemonade that was sitting right behind me! Little stinker – she totally used me!

Gabriel RAN to me – of course those short little legs don’t go very fast even when running! It was the best gift I could receive – a hugging little baby boy with 4 little teeth! As he went to give me what I thought was a precious little kiss- HE BIT ME right on my face. OUCH! BUT – He didn’t want me to put him down. (He’s never done that before! He’s a busy boy – he likes to walk). BUT TODAY – he was all about his mommy 🙂 The nannies were making fun because he was really lovey-dovey  – like he might have actually missed me. I wasn’t ready for that! Of course Jose came on a different plane later with the group so I had a little bit of an advantage!

Many of the missionaries were asking me about the conference and it was all I could do to even get a few things out – so much information. I told them that Janeil and I talked a long time about so many EXCITING things that will have kingdom impact and can bring unity to all of us missionaries and our Haitian employees. I’m just pumped up – no longer walking around like a Zombie for Christ! I’m tired – but it’s a good tired!

I was getting ready to go to bed and Malaya came to me and told me she’s been waiting for me all week to play the princess game. Too tired to play – I wanted to say maybe tomorrow. But listening to Andy Stanley’s message about not sacrificing our children on the alter of ministry – putting family first – i sat on the floor and played Pretty Princess with my three little princesses for over an hour…..

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