Leaving on Monday…

I’ll be leaving tomorrow to fly to Miami and overnighting and flying to Kentucky on Tuesday. Please be in prayer for me as I travel – I’m going stand-by and I really want to make all my flights. I hope to be seeing my neurologist on Wednesday and then we’ll just go from there. 

It absolutely breaks my heart to be leaving Haiti and my family here – but I’m not much good to either one when I can’t stand-up straight!

3 responses to “Leaving on Monday…”

  1. Jody,
    I am sorry you are still not well.
    I left the mission on Saturday morning. I have to tell you, it was a mission trip of a lifetime!
    God showed up in AMAZING ways!
    We all missed your quick wit at devos! You will have to do double time next year at the microphone!
    Praying for hidden things to be revealed,
    Heidi Thomson

  2. I will be putting you on our prayer chain at church. You will be held in our prayers and in our hearts.

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