Can’t Sleep….

So it’s about 4am and here I sit. You know what’s on TV at 4am – NOTHING! I’m sitting here watching HGTV (I know it’s sad). I watch HGTV so much that now as I drive past any house I think about whether it has Curb Appeal or what needs to be fixed so it could sell quickly.  

I’m wishing that I could just drift to sleep. I laid down at 3:00am and my head began to hurt – I kept thinking that if I really drifted to sleep then I would wake up in pain as I have been doing every morning – so for some reason my body just refuses to sleep. 

So I thought now is as good a time as any to start my first blog poll. Today as I was riding the plane I had this really sweet old lady talk to me about who I was voting for in the elections. She was telling me that she was Republican and she votes Republican every election. An even older lady was sitting beside her and she said that Obama really is a better choice even though she’s Republican. I sat there and listened as these two friends in their 60’s were arguing about the upcoming elections.  Funny – but when you live in Haiti – it’s hard to keep up with the politics. I have been blessed to watch some really funny skits on Saturday Night Live – and that’s basically where I get my news from!

I wasn’t sure whether my poll question should be about your favorite Haitian Meal or whether you secretly watch Hannah Montana. However – since it seems like every other commercial is about politics – I thought this might be a good one!

So here is my first poll question:

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