17 Kids And Counting….

So last night I was up as usual only I’m staying with my sister until my doctor’s appointment. She doesn’t have my favorite – HGTV – but she does have TLC. So I was flipping through the channels and found this show called 17 Kids and Counting. This couple actually “birthed” 17 kids!!! No joke! They are completely debt free as well! What? That’s what I said!

I thought I had a bunch of kids – but wow! I’m not exactly sure their beliefs are the same as mine – but there is a love for God which you can’t deny. So, I’m watching how this Christian mother disciplines her kids, keeps up with all her kids, and just loves on all her kids. She has home-schooled all of them and they each can play an instrument. I’m completely amazed.

On the show I’m watching – they’re heading to the Today Show in New York. Having driven what feels like a bus load of car seats and flying with a bunch of kids – I was truly interested in how their family was transported around. They actually drive one of those airport-looking shuttles. They had to pack over 15 bags for their 3-day trip. It was funny seeing the little kids stick each other “in” the luggage as they were packing and wheeled them around! What a great way to avoid expensive tickets! Just “check” them. 🙂

All the older kids are buddied up with the littlest kids – that way it’s easier to keep up with all of them! When I think I couldn’t be anymore amazed they all start singing together on the bus while they drive! It’s like the Partridge Family on STEROIDS! I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry! 

I always try to get our family of 7 all in the same rows on the plane – imagine trying to get 17 kids all on the same rows! I’m thinking this family is so different and yet I was completely in awe of this mother. The way she gave each child individual attention – even when the kids acted up – she kept a cool voice and didn’t yell and they all listened for the most part. I thought that perhaps she was just “faking it” for the cameras but she’s very “real”. 

I took away a lot of ideas from the show – especially about how to travel with kids – but the most important thing I saw was how important it is to spend time with your children – regardless of how many you have! It was very obvious that the older children were just like their parents. They were strong Christians – very respectful – and very mature for their age. All reflections of great parenting. 

I often feel like there just isn’t enough time in the day to get work done and spend time with our kids. I think back to the Catalyst Conference where they talked about not sacrificing your children on the alter of ministry. I also remember them saying that if Christians spent more time with their kids – this world would be a different place. I also remember hearing that the Church (Sunday School or whatever program your kids attend) at best get 50 hours a year with our children. Parents, however,  have them thousands of hours a year. So would it not make more sense as a church to focus on the parents and how to get them to connect with their children? Family ministry will always yield more results just from simply the amount of time that we automatically have with them on a daily basis. 

There was something about watching this show, feeling slightly guilty for not having spent more time with my own kids – that actually gave me hope. If she can find time for all 17 of her kids – there is no reason why I can’t find time to spend with my 5!

By the way – when the show ended – the lady said she was pregnant again! Expecting child number 18!! I thought that stuff only happened in foreign countries!

Here is a link to their personal family website – it’s very interesting. They’re apart of a new movement which I find fascinating. I love their website –  17 and Counting Website

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  1. 17 and counting! I could blog about that but it wouldn’t have anything to do with kids…just the last 17 first dates!

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