I’ve Been Pampered by Good Friends…..

So now I’m staying at Monica Reich’s house for a few days. I don’t like to stay by myself so I’ve been crashing from place to place. Today Shawn and Monica took me out to eat and then to get a massage at some swanky place in Lexington! SWEET! It’s my first! They rubbed these hot stones on me – it was like a moving heating blanket! Then they massaged me from head to toe – really focusing on my “head” and “neck”.

Today I woke up without the major headache again! YEAH! After my “oil treatment” from the other day, this relaxing massage today, and thinking about next week at the migraine clinic – I think things might actually be okay for the first time in a long time! Or is that that “positive oil” talking again! LOL!


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  1. Have enjoyed ready your blog so much. The massage sounds so great. And the oils, interesting, the more I read about natural healing the more I feel that sometimes Dr’s just put us on medicines as an experiement. Then after several years they find out that they are really causing harm to our bodies and that med. is removed from the martket. I am still having some back problems and have decided to try acropuncture. Praying that puts things back to normal. Jr and I have been praying that they find out what the problem you have is and that you can be pain free again. Blessing and keep uo the great work.

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